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An inclusive space that makes tech accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or professional status? BeCode takes care of it! 💻✨ Since 2017, the non-profit organisation has been supporting, advising and training the future digital talents of tomorrow... But that's not all!

BeCode aims to be a school of digital skills and coding where qualitative training is offered and accessible to any individual wishing to work in this field, which is very popular with companies! 👨 💻  Focused on social impact, the non-profit organisation uses active pedagogy to teach highly sought-after digital skills to motivated people in vulnerable professional situations. In doing so, it helps these untapped talents to meet the needs of the labour market. 🤝 BeCode's mission ? To embody a more egalitarian place, where everyone, regardless of their level of education and professional situation, can find their place in the ICT sector: as a web developer, AI data operator, DevSecOps developer, cybersecurity specialist... 🌐 There's something for everyone!

And that's not all! BeCode aims to be holistic in its vision by also helping companies hire their future digital talent. 🔗 How? A partnership has been set up between the companies and the school, allowing for a potential co-design of training and the integration of company-specific issues into practical exercises. A concrete immersion and a professional showcase for learners... And valuable feedback for the partner company: in addition to the work done, it is also an ideal way to observe the usecases and methodologies used to assess their skills, which can lead to future collaboration. 🚀 A trampoline to guaranteed employment !

So, are you seduced by an organization focused on the jobs of tomorrow while having a strong and committed societal impact ? You know what you have to do... Harder Better Faster Coder ! Humph... We don't know if this Daft Punk-inspired valve is validated but in any case, BeCode is waiting for you!

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If you want to be part of an ecosystem that is making a real difference in the ICT sector, evolve within a supportive and collaborative team, and thus contribute to shaping the future of education and tech'... You've come to the right place! 📍

The BeCode team, with its team spirit and strong values, such as collaboration, support, diversity and inclusion, etc., is committed to a welcoming environment where each member feels respected and valued. 💜 It also encourages transparent communication at all levels, ensuring that everyone has a voice and that their opinions are heard and taken into account. A link that is not clickable but very palpable! 🖱️

We're told that at BeCode, talent is valued for their unique skills and ideas, while also enjoying a good work-life balance through flexible work arrangements. 💼 The non-profit organisation also offers opportunities for continuing education and professional development so that everyone can grow both personally and professionally. A truly fulfilling program where everyone can find their place and have a positive and meaningful impact on the world, having the opportunity to inspire and empower learners on a daily basis! 👨‍🏫

Do you want to join a solid team, made up of passionate & dynamic employees who are convinced that there is great potential in each of us? Don't hesitate!




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BeCode adopts sustainable practices in its operations and partners with organisations such as CloseTheGap, which allows learners to borrow refurbished laptops for the duration of the training, so they gain the skills needed to enter the workforce. 💻

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Because everyone deserves to have the opportunity to build a rewarding career, the Be Code team offers 100% free training programs for job seekers. By providing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's job market, the non-profit organisation not only helps people find quality employment , but also promotes economic stability and social mobility for all concerned!

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BeCode is also an active pedagogical framework : learning by doing, by applying skills on concrete projects, by working in a team. 👨 🏫 There is also a focus on meta-learning : learning how to learn in a technical context while helping others and yourself! In short, everything you need to be a reliable and supportive team player, eager to learn and with a great spirit of solution!

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The Women Mentoring Program is the name of the program created by the non-profit organization that is aimed at women in the tech industry ! 👩 💻 It combines one-on-one mentoring, group sessions and workshops, and creates opportunities to help women identify and work towards their (career) goals.

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BeCode is  + 4,000 trained learners on their 4 campuses in Belgium (Brussels, Ghent, Charleroi and Liège)!

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