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Towards a zero waste future? This is the objective that Bambaw has set itself!

Bambaw's mission is to encourage and inspire each and every one of us to adopt an anti-waste culture by choosing alternatives to plastic and single-use products. These are zero waste alternatives!

It was in 2017 that the founding twin brothers Maxime and Augustin decided to roll up their sleeves by striving to find zero waste solutions. For the two brothers, it is a question of attacking the problem of pollution at the source : avoiding throwing away products that will remain on Earth for hundreds of years. They then decided to offer plastic-free, reusable, compostable and/or biodegradable items.

These zero waste products are designed with the aim of putting an end to the throwaway culture and mass consumption of plastic. The Bambaw collection offers more than 50 zero-waste items divided into 3 categories : Beauty & Hygiene, Home & Kitchen, and products and accessories to take with you wherever you go. From razors to cutlery sets to bamboo duvet covers, Bambaw offers many sustainable alternatives to drive the zero waste movement forward together!

Our sister brand, Arista Ayurveda, offers Ayruveda-inspired cosmetics and hygiene products, with a mission to promote wellness.

Since its inception, the company has paved the way for a better future and is convinced that a more sustainable world is possible: it's up to us to create it. Ready to join the zero waste movement?

Sustainable alternatives to disposable products

50 zero-waste products

Present in more than 2000 stores

Present in more than 25 countries

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A great team spirit, challenge, commitment and devotion... So many words to describe the values of the members of the Bambaw team!

At Bambaw, the team is close-knit and the collective is essential. What she loves most of all is to meet up at after-work parties or big events such as Christmas, birthdays or Hanukkah. Other group cohesion activities are organized at Bambaw such as escape games, laser games or even outings to restaurants to relax and take the time to build relationships. In addition to this, the co-working center is used to organizing various events throughout the year that are opportunities to share and meet new people. We've told you, team spirit comes first!

So, why join the Bambaw team? At Bambaw, talents can develop their skills within a dynamic team led by a common dream: to move towards a more sustainable world.




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Bambaw's ambition is to create a community capable of changing our current world. By developing eco-friendly products that are reusable or biodegradable, the company is helping to reduce the waste generated on Earth.

Bambaw is certainly committed to the fight against plastic pollution, but not only ! They are also moving towards carbon neutrality by ensuring that their supply chains and transport have a carbon neutral footprint.

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And the way their products are made is just as important to them. That's why Bambaw ensures that manufacturing processes are ethical and responsible. To do this, they work closely with their various partners and help them develop sustainable manufacturing processes with a low impact on the planet. In terms of materials, they only use sustainable materials like bamboo and steel.

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Let's talk about awareness ! It is indeed becoming urgent for Bambaw to raise awareness about the pollution caused by single-use plastic. The company then set up the " Heroes of Zero " program aimed at directly helping the main players in environmental awareness on the ground. For example, Bambaw was able to collaborate with National Geographic on a plastic-free expedition to the Ganges Spring. The aim of the conference was to measure the impact of plastic pollution along the route and to educate local communities on how to reduce it. All these initiatives create a collective responsible conscience and join forces against the harmful effects of plastic pollution!

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Sustainable products, ethically designed and delivered in complete carbon neutrality... This is the impact project proposed by Bambaw and that we are proud to support.

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