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Thinking of others as one with your team... This is the vision at atlasGO! This platform helps companies improve employee well-being and engagement through connected team buildings. The goal? Employees move and take care of themselves while supporting a cause chosen by the company. This app offers fun ways to build team spirit for all the causes that matter.

And concretely, how does an atlasGO team-building work?
  • The company chooses the cause it wants to support with its employees. They can choose to support a social or environmental cause that is close to their heart. It can also choose not to support a non-profit organisation and focus primarily on the mental and physical health of its employees. The possibilities are endless!

  • Team-building can be done around a specific subject: well-being, ecology, mobility, etc. To do this, the company has the choice of more than 350 activities to include in its challenge. Sports, wellness, ecological/sustainable activities, and much more.

Some statistics? 

After only 6 years of existence, atlasGO has planted more than a million trees thanks to the motivation of more than 100,000 users through sports and wellness activities and has gained the trust of more than 250 partners (Orange, Belfius, Unicef, Chanel, Nestlé, Lululemon,...). She has also raised more than €9 million for charities around the world.

Ambitious, this start-up has a real desire to develop and is committed to technological innovation. Now, the app offers to connect with Strava, Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Health.

The team is looking for new committed talent to join their family of change agents. Are you sensitive to well-being at work and want to evolve in a dynamic, innovative and impactful start-up? Come and join the atlasGO community!

Community platform advocating for great causes

More than 1 million trees planted

€5M collected for associations

Certification B-Corp

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Mutual aid, flexibility, physical and mental well-being... It is precisely these values that guide and drive the members of the atlasGO team every day.

As a specialist in employee well-being, the start-up pampers its team on a daily basis and has even created "mental health days". Feeling tired? They offer you unlimited time off to catch your breath and come back to work in great shape. Have you achieved your goals? Great, take time for yourself because you deserve it. Do you want to work from abroad? No problem, talk to them about it to make this dream come true.

Other community activities are also organized such as restaurant outings, yoga and breathing sessions, team summits organized in different countries... In short, new ideas are always welcome in this innovative start-up!

Why join atlasGO? Joining atlasGO means joining a community of committed actors who work together and move forward!




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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atlasGO's mission is to create a community of positive changemakers, NGOs and businesses who join forces around social and environmental issues. The positive impact of the atlasGO project can be seen on several levels:

By raising funds for NGOs through sports challenges. For example, altasGO and UNICEF Croatia teamed up in 2020 by organizing a virtual race that aimed to support children with disabilities and equal opportunities in the country. In the context of the pandemic, this collaboration with atlasGO allowed the event to see the light of day and raised US$186,000.

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By enabling companies to improve the well-being and engagement of their employees through virtual team-building activities. Whether it's well-being, environmental protection, or donations to NGOs, these challenges allow employees to support each other and come together around a common goal. Team spirit on the front line!

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Within its own team, atlasGO aims to change the culture at work in order to find a work-life balance. The team works with integrity, takes care of its members, has fun and always moves forward. By putting flexibility and listening at the forefront, altlasGO manages to build a caring and more productive work environment: the Holy Grail!

By meeting significant environmental and social requirements, atlasGO is certified as a Benefit Corporation (B-Corp); Internationally recognized label awarded to companies that have a positive impact on society and the planet.

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atlasGO is working to make the world a better place and that's why we're proud to support them!

"I have rarely seen such enthusiasm and so many employees come together for the same cause, especially when it comes to moving and spending time on healthy habits."  THIBAUT DEBELLE, D'Ieteren

"Our yearly atlasGO challenge allows us to create awareness for the work of the Swiss Re Foundation, for our partners but most importantly, to connect Swiss Re employees from all over the world in a way it was not possible before we partnered with altasGO."  – Yeshe Zarotsang, project manager for the Swiss Re Foundation and responsible for the atlasGO partnership

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