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Why volunteer?

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Volunteering charms millions of people every year. Regardless of the field in which they work (support for the homeless, access to education, care for animals, etc.), volunteers share unique values and moments in helping others and society. So, why volunteer?

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Making a positive impact for a cause

Whether it's to fight global warming, take care of animals, help the homeless or fight against violence against women, volunteering will allow you to have a positive impact on a daily basis! Volunteering is turning the famous "metro-work-sleep" upside down. This way, you can dedicate a few hours each week (or month) to a cause that is close to your heart.

Be part of the change

As we often say on this blog, you have the power to change things, in your own way. Volunteering is a way to change: to change morals, society, others or even yourself ! To be an agent of change is to actively want to be part of society by having the desire to make things happen. And, sometimes, being a volunteer yourself and wanting to change society means being an example for others, to whom you will make want to volunteer too!

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Helping people in need

Have you noticed that when you help someone in need, you feel more heureux.se and satisfied with yourself ? That's because helping people in need is terribly rewarding! What for? Because you feel useful. Giving hours of your time to people who need it allows you to have a better quality of life in the long run.

Meet new people

It's very rare to start volunteering on your own. It is therefore a very good way to join a group and meet new people with whom you share values and with whom you will spend a lot of time! And meeting new people means learning from others ! Everyone is unique and has something to pass on/teach. In this way, you will have the opportunity, in addition to making potential new friends, to improve yourself thanks to the people around you and to become a better person every day.

Have more self-confidence

Getting responsibilities, making a positive impact on a daily basis and helping others is a perfect combo to gain more self-confidence ! During your volunteer experience, you will have the opportunity to assert yourself, to take matters into your own hands, to have initiative, in short, to prove what you are worth. Volunteering boosts your personal growth and improves self-esteem.

Challenge yourself

Life is too short not to embark on new adventures! Get out of your comfort zone and go volunteering: it's a great way to challenge yourself and discover certain facets of your personality! Some volunteer experiences will even allow you to travel to countries you were previously unfamiliar with, discover cultures you've never heard of, or learn new languages. Volunteering is about pushing yourself to get out of your daily routine to face new challenges!

Finding your way

And, beyond the "challenge" aspect, maybe you'll find your way? Volunteering could be the trigger you needed! When we are little, we are often told about the same professions over and over again : doctor, lawyer, engineer... But no one tells us that we could become so much more! Volunteering, especially in many different fields, is a way to understand yourself, discover yourself and potentially discover what you want to do with your life when you grow up.

Discover the world of work

If you've never worked before and want to get your first work experience, start volunteering. Of course, you won't be paid, unlike a student job or other, but it will be just as rewarding and you will have the opportunity to get your first foot in the world of work. Because, indeed, volunteering requires so much effort and skill, and will train you.

Gain new skills

As mentioned above, volunteering can be a great first work experience. And, in this context, a way to obtain new skills, useful for the future! Whether it's hard skills (mastering a language, a task, etc.) or soft skills (empathy, communication, motivation, etc.), you will see that, at the end of your experience as a volunteer, you will have gained many skills and knowledge, practical and relevant for your future job search/internship!

Add a new experience to the resume

Finally, to continue on the two previous points, volunteering means gaining new professional experience to include in the CV. This way, you will show recruiters what you are worth, what you can do as well as the hard and soft skills you have obtained thanks to it. It will also demonstrate the values you hold dear and demonstrate your motivation, effort and ability to work in a team and manage responsibilities.

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In short, for all the reasons mentioned above and many more, volunteering is a fantastic experience to try at least once in your life. And, who knows, maybe you'll get a taste for it?

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