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Why do your internship in a start-up?

Image de présentation de l'article Why do your internship in a start-up?

Are you looking for your next internship and are you hesitating between a big company or a start-up? Are you tired of repetitive tasks and want to have more responsibility? In this article, we decipher for you the advantages and requirements to be able to work in a start-up.

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The advantages of the start-up

A small team

Unlike a large company, a start-up has very few members. As early as the interview, you will then be able to get an idea of the people you will be working with. You will then be able to know very quickly if the agreement is there and if you like the work environment. You will then be able to start your internship with less apprehension if you feel comfortable from the beginning.

The advantage of having a small team is that you will be integrated very quickly. You'll know everyone and be able to collaborate with each person. You will then very quickly feel that you have participated in the company's major projects. Enough to feel useful in your work, all in a good atmosphere!

Keeping up with the company's progress

In a start-up, you will be a key player and will be an integral part of the company's project. Every day, you will witness its evolution, and this, by seeing the benefits of your contribution! You will gain a better understanding of the issues and challenges faced by companies in their early stages. Don't expect to do a single task during your internship as is often the case in large companies. Here you will be a real thigh knife and you will have many responsibilities. You will be able to touch on communication as well as on the commercial or technical aspect. You will then come out of your internship with a global vision of how a company operates. This can be very relevant if you want to start your own entrepreneurial project in your lifetime.

A more relaxed work environment

When we think of big companies, we immediately imagine the formal tone, the well-ironed shirts, the famous suit and tie... The start-up is more relaxed. As we say so well at Meet My Job: no stress, you can come in sneakers!

At the same time, professional relations are often much friendlier in a start-up than in a large company. It's very likely that you're working closely with your boss. And since it's a young company, he/she will surely be of your generation.  This makes it easier to communicate, understand and hear each other. In short, less stress than if you had to work with people your parents' age!

Soft skills for working in a start-up

Now that you're convinced to do your internship in a start-up, let's take a closer look at the qualities you'll need!


The main quality of working in a start-up is knowing how to be autonomous. As the team is small, everyone has their role to play and at the same level. It is important not to be passive and wait for directions. You will evolve in a dynamic environment with more or less intense waves of work depending on the day. No one will be able to stand behind you every day telling you what to do! The ability to take initiative and learn on your own will then be required.  That's the advantage of a start-up: you don't get bored and you see your work pay off very quickly!


Within a start-up, there is no real routine. The work varies according to the evolution of the company. It is possible that the assignments given when you arrive will no longer be the same at the end of your internship. The goal is to adapt to daily changes to move the company forward, and you must be ready to live these changes in a serene way.

The organization

Since your tasks will be varied, it is important to keep a methodical mind and have a good organization. Often, you will have missions to carry out simultaneously. It is therefore important to know how to prioritize your work and to know how to evaluate your priorities. If you lack organization, you may feel overwhelmed very quickly.

Be proactive

In a start-up, new ideas are always welcome! Indeed, the company has just launched and generally remains open to proposals to move the project forward. Since you are a small team, your boss will fully involve you in his project and ask for your opinion. Don't hesitate to think outside the box and showcase your creativity ! Your ideas can make a big difference.

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