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Why do an Erasmus?

Image de présentation de l'article Why do an Erasmus?

The term "Erasmus" evokes the idea of travel, of opening up to the unknown. The 2002 film The Spanish Inn helped popularize the experience for many people. Since its creation in 1987, the European exchange programme has facilitated the mobility of three million students, as well as trainees, teachers, professionals and volunteers. Let's take a closer look at this successful project, which recently became Erasmus+. 

Discover a new culture 

Traveling is arguably the most direct way to immerse yourself in a foreign culture , whether Spanish, Swedish, or Slovak. When arriving in a new country, the Erasmus+ beneficiary comes into contact with another language, other habits and customs and another history. Once the initial culture shock has passed, all he has to do is immerse himself in his new daily life, especially to practice the desired language. For example, interacting with locals is a great opportunity to improve your communication skills. And while Erasmus may seem like a distant possibility, the travel opportunities are not as far away as you might think. One example is the Erasmus Belgica initiative , which aims to encourage mobility in Belgium's three communities. A student from Brussels can therefore travel to Flanders and vice versa. The perfect opportunity to practice your Dutch!

Gain independence 

Doing an Erasmus also means gaining autonomy. Indeed, going abroad means managing administrative procedures, looking for accommodation, shopping... By stepping out of their comfort zone, Erasmus beneficiaries take their first steps in working life and thus learn to take responsibility for themselves. In particular, budget management remains a crucial issue. To prevent financial issues from being an obstacle to moving abroad, the programme offers an Erasmus+ grant, which varies according to the country of destination. This grant can be a significant aid during internships such as those offered by Meet My Job's partner companies. 

Becoming more professional 

Often cited as a significant moment in one's personal life, the Erasmus stay also represents an opportunity to develop academically or professionally. Students and interns alike are sure to grow and they don't hesitate to add it to their CV. An experience abroad can actually make it possible to stand out in the pile of applications that the recruiter has to face. They generally demonstrate an open mind, an ability to adapt, take risks and a proven command of a foreign language. Ultimately, an Erasmus stay improves the candidate's employability. It is then up to them to highlight this experience in their CV and during job interviews! 

The Erasmus programme's motto " Enriching lives, opening minds" sums up its purpose perfectly. Its beneficiaries, after exploring the world, return to their home countries with unforgettable memories and better language skills. More independent and professional, they now have an enriching experience under their belt. So, what are you waiting for to try the Erasmus+ adventure? 

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