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Why buy local?

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Encouraging and helping small traders and farmers, consuming better, being careful what you buy... Here are several advantages of local consumption. But there are others! So, why buy local?

Becoming responsible

Buying local means thinking about what you're going to buy. Rather than immediately giving their money to big companies (often with little respect for ethical standards and the planet), buying local makes the consumer responsible for his purchase and the consequences it will have ! When you go to the supermarket, you take the time to find out if the products come from your country and, if not, if they come from very (too) far away.

Taking care of your health

When you buy local products, you also decide to take care of yourself! This is because local products contain fewer (if any) preservatives/pesticides and mature properly, for as long as it takes (unlike imported products, which are sent in trucks before they can ripen to the end). In addition, from the moment fruits and vegetables are picked, they begin to lose their vitamins. That's why locally produced fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins, because they don't waste them on a truck ride.

Respecting the environment

Obviously, local consumption means help for the planet ! Buying local means slowing down imports of products from other countries. In short, if you prefer short circuits, you don't need trucks that travel hundreds of kilometers to bring back vegetables or fruits that grow here. By buying local, you help to increase your country's agriculture and thus avoid unnecessary CO² emissions !

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Of course, when you decide to buy local, you have to adapt to the products that are offered on the market! In this way, you will no longer find strawberries in winter: all the fruits and vegetables you can buy will follow the seasons, as nature intended!

There are several apps that let you know the fruit and vegetable calendar!

Boosting the local economy

Buying local also means investing in local businesses. Rather than funding huge companies that are already making a lot of money, you can help small businesses survive and offer more local (and therefore better, for all the reasons mentioned above and below) to the market. The more you choose to buy local, the better off the national economy will be!

Know the origin of the products

Imagine yourself in the supermarket. Have you ever wondered where the food on display comes from? Well, when you favor buying in short circuits, not only do you enter into a relationship with small producers (which creates social links), but, in addition, you know where the products come from. Where your fruit and vegetables were planted, picked, in what way and by whom... It's always reassuring to be able to talk directly to small producers and learn about their methods! This way, you can be sure of the quality of the products consumed.

Preserving food self-sufficiency

The Covid-19 virus has taught us that you should only depend on yourself! Why make it complicated when you can make it simple? We very often have everything at our fingertips. There's no need to go out and buy food from the other side of the continent! This is in line with the idea of boosting the local economy: if our economy is doing well, and our producers receive demand and can offer their products as a priority, we won't need anyone to feed us.


You now have all the elements you need to start eating locally and sustainably! Taking care of yourself and the planet doesn't cost much: just a change in habits!

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