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What is the MBTI test?

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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has become THE reference among personality tests and is an assessment tool that defines an individual's psychological type. It is presented in the form of a questionnaire comprising between 93 and 222 questions depending on the version.

How does it work ?

Since we are all born with a different way of perceiving things and making decisions, these so-called "spontaneous " preferences have a real influence on our ways of communicating, reacting, leadership style, etc. 

These preferences are expressed through 4 dimensions :

  • Energy orientation: There are introverted people (I), who tend to soak up the energy of their own inner world, while others are more extroverted (E) and are primarily interested in their outer environment.

  • Information gathering : An individual can gather information based on their senses and experience (sensation : S), or on what they have thought or imagined (intuition : N).

  • Information processing: Some people prefer to make decisions rationally (thinking : T), while others prefer to consider their emotions (feelings : F).

  • Mode of action : While some people act in a thoughtful and organized manner (judgment : J), others prefer a more spontaneous and less planned lifestyle (perception : P).

Thus, from the two possible preferences for each of these 4 dimensions, the MBTI indicator was able to identify 16 major personality types.

The 16 personalities

  • The INTJ : The Architect

Preferring introversion (I), intuition (N), thinking (T), and judgment (J), architects are responsible, organized, logical, and rather demanding people. They usually approach life by analyzing the theory behind what they observe. They are best known for their ability to solve analytical problems and their innovative ideas for improving existing systems or processes. 

  • The INTP : The Logician

Tending towards introversion (I), intuition (N), thought (T) and perception (P), logicians are discrete, autonomous, solitary individuals who are grounded in their thoughts. Fascinated by logical analysis, they spend most of their time exploring concepts in depth and making connections between them. They are therefore easily recognized by their great ease in understanding complex problems and their need for constant intellectual stimulation.

  • The ENTJ : The Commander

Rather rooted in extroversion (E), intuition (N), thinking (T) and judgment (J), commanders are born leaders. Confident and charismatic, they exude a natural authority that allows them to guide others towards their personal goal. They are also known for their determination, efficiency and quick, strategic and analytical minds.

  • The ENTP : The Innovator

With a preference for extroversion (E), intuition (N), thinking (T), and perception (P), innovators are curious, intelligent, and open-minded. They like to understand their surroundings and influence others. But innovators are also known as cheerful people, who like to use their humor by making fun of others in order to stay on top of each other.

  • The INFJ : The Lawyer

Focused on introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (S) and judgment (J), lawyers are dedicated, sensitive, reliable, diplomatic and organized people. They stand out for their integrity and their willingness to help others reach their full potential. Strong in intuition, they know easily who they are dealing with.

  • The INFP : the mediator

Preferring introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (S), and perception (P), mediators are sensitive, empathetic, altruistic, and creative. With their idealistic side, they always manage to see the positive in every situation. The lives of mediators are guided by their own values and beliefs and the search for meaning in their lives.

  • The ENFP : the inspiration

Inspirators tend towards extroversion (E), intuition (N), feeling (F) and perception (P). They are true free spirits. Strongly attracted to the artistic field, they love to help others tap into their creative potential. Inspirationalists, through their contagious enthusiasm, are also very good communicators with a skillful command of language and humor.

  • The ENFJ : the protagonist

Strong in extroversion (E), intuition (N), feeling (F) and judgment (J), the protagonists are idealists who wish to put their determination at the service of humanity. Aware of human suffering, they remain optimistic and always see opportunities for improvement. The protagonists are also recognizable by their charisma to convince others of their ideas and their ability to detect the potential of others and listen to their needs.

  • The ISTJ : the logistician

Guided by introversion (I), sensation (S), thought (T), and judgment (J), logisticians are people determined to enforce order. Indeed, responsible, organized, reliable and with a focus on the concrete, they are concerned with ensuring that standards are respected. Logisticians are stable and productive contributors who need to be able to rely on their experience to make decisions.

  • The ISFJ : The Defender

With a preference for introversion (I), sensation (S), feeling (F), and judgment (J), advocates are compassionate, reliable, caring, and reserved people who enjoy providing for and protecting others. They also have a real sense of responsibility towards others. Defenders are also very loyal to traditions and organizations and enjoy operating in a structured environment where the rules are respected.

  • The ESTJ : The Director

Tending towards extroversion (E), sensation (S), thought (T), and judgment (J), directors represent order and tradition. Orderly, respectful of the rules and unifying, they know how to be authoritarian when necessary. Managers are driven by the desire to lead projects and teams. Indeed, not liking the unexpected, they prefer to have visibility on everything.

  • The ESFJ : The Consul

Consuls are grounded in extroversion (E), sensation (S), feeling (F), and judgment (J). Sensitive to the needs and emotions of others, they like to take care of others, sometimes at the risk of imposing their own perception of what is good for them. Consuls are also known for their loyalty, generosity, sociability, organization and dedication to their responsibilities.

  • The ISTP : the virtuoso

Preferring introversion (I), sensation (S), thought (T) and perception (P), virtuosos are people who possess a great facility for understanding concrete problems. Independent and able to adapt to any situation, they can respond quickly to emergencies and provide practical solutions. Virtuosos are also logical and pragmatic people, who like to be able to immediately see tangible results from their work.

  • The ISFP : The Adventurer

Adventurers love introversion (I), sensation (S), feeling (F), and perception (P). Although discreet and unpretentious, they are warm, empathetic, and cheerful. Adventurers are known for their strong aesthetic sense and natural talent for the arts. Spontaneous and living in the present, they also love to provide concrete help with practical problems with immediate results.

  • The ESTP : the entrepreneur

With a preference for extroversion (E), sensation (S), thinking (T), and perception (P), entrepreneurs are thrill seekers. Endowed with a strong sense of observation, they know how to adapt quickly to a situation and provide practical solutions to immediate problems. Entrepreneurs are also known for their dynamism and good sense of humour, which makes them very sociable people.

  • The ESFP : the entertainer

Entertainers are strong in extroversion (E), sensation (S), feeling (F), and perception (P). Warm, talkative and humorous, they know how to charm others with their enthusiasm, which facilitates their social relationships. In addition, their spontaneity and energy often allow them to be the center of attention.

To conclude, the MBTI test is rich in lessons. This tool allows you to get to know yourself better and identify your strengths as well as areas where you could improve. It can also tell a lot about what really motivates you, which can be very useful for a recruiter or to know their career direction.

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