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What is the job of Account Executive at Zerocopy?

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We bet you've always wondered what an Account Executive actually does in a company... 🗣️ You're in luck! In this article, we're going to meet Zerocopy's Account Executive, who explains his responsibilities, his qualities and skills, his tasks... A real summary of an exciting job that doesn't get talked about enough!

Can you provide an overview of Zerocopy as a company and its mission?

We consider ourselves a team of independent leaders, working together to make education affordable. Zerocopy is our playground where we grow both personally and professionally.

What are the primary responsibilities of an Account Executive at Zerocopy?

As an Account Executive/Manager, I’m constantly in contact with our clients. I first seek to understand their situation and needs, then suggest how Zerocopy can best help them, and finally ensure their campaign achieves its full potential.

What qualities or skills are essential for success in the role of Account Executive?

Communication, Curiosity, problem solving, Building relationships, Listening

Can you describe a typical day or week in the life of an Account Executive at Zerocopy?

A typical week includes:

  • Receiving cases from our SDRs, create solutions for each case and lastly, present & discuss them with the client

  • Go over our clients’ campaigns and give constant feedback to improve them

  • Work closely with our IT department to ensure the smooth running of campaigns

  • Following-up on any inquiries or questions from prospects and clients

  • Actively follow-up and put yourself forward to help with your clients’ and prospects’ needs

  • Report the results of campaigns

How would you describe the team dynamic and culture within Zerocopy, particularly within the sales department?

We are a small, dedicated team and we rely on one another. Everyone has responsibilities early on, and being able to deal with these responsibilities while collaborating is very important. Accordingly, when decisions need to be made, we take into account everyone’s opinion. Being part of Zerocopy, means you embrace open and clear communication, you are ambitious and seek constant growth and most of all you want to help make the world a better place, this is a good summary of how the culture in Zerocopy looks like.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as an Account Executive at Zerocopy?

You’ve are experienced in sales and you want to take the next step. It’s an amazing opportunity to test yourself and grow your understanding of sales, even change it! You will focus on the client, making sure their goals are met. For this you will need a good mix of listening, creativity and problem-solving skills.

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