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Top 3 advantages of refurbished!

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Buying refurbished is an increasingly popular practice. Some stores (Fnac, etc.) are themselves reselling refurbished items. And that's normal, as refurbished has a lot of positive points. But what are the advantages of refurbished?

If your devices are a little broken or damaged, why not get them repaired before buying more?

It's cost-effective

It's a well-known fact that when you sell an object, it's often cheaper! That's why refurbished is practical in everyday life.

Buy cheaper

The first advantage on everyone's mind: the economy! Indeed, buying refurbished very often means buying less (or even much less) than the base price. For some items, you can even reach discounts of - 50%, or even -75% ! This represents, as you make purchases, a serious saving, useful for buying other items ! In short, refurbished, in the long term, should be seriously considered on a daily basis. Imagine how much you could save over several years!

Making Money Selling

Still from the point of view of money, refurbished is also very practical to actively earn money. How? By selling your old electronics that you no longer use ! Rather than leaving your old laptop or phone dusting, have them checked by professionals. They'll give you a price for picking up your electronics (or, at the very least, some reusable parts). This way, you earn money while making room in your home. Convenient, isn't it?

It's eco-friendly

Of course, how can we forget the ecological factor? In recent years, global warming has become a priority and refurbished products are an alternative to help the environment.

Reduce electronic waste

When we decide to buy refurbished objects, we make the choice to reduce electronic waste. Indeed, rather than buying new, which requires using additional resources, we reuse the same objects, but refurbished and on the market! Did you know that about 1/3 of phones are never used? They stay in cupboards, drawers or lost who knows where... That's why refurbished is an interesting alternative. It's good for you and the environment!

Curbing planned obsolescence

As you probably know, all devices are affected by planned obsolescence. That's why your printer, which you bought only a year ago, is already starting to stop working properly. This trick – to deliberately shorten the lifespan of the devices – was obviously put in place to get the maximum amount of money. If the devices malfunction, people will want to buy new ones, and so on, creating a vicious cycle that is absolutely not good for the environment. Buying refurbished means participating in sustainable development and having a real impact in the long term!

It's secure

Refurbished is worrying, leaving some people skeptical, but don't worry, one of the advantages of refurbished is its security!

Be insured

Unlike second-hand purchases, refurbished products have the advantage of (often) having a warranty. Indeed, you have insurance and the possibility to return the product and/or have it checked, by contacting a customer service or the seller concerned directly. This is usually not the case when buying at the flea market or Facebook Market. So here's another advantage of refurbished: you're legally protected when there's a problem (depending on the sites you buy from, of course).

Buy Professionally Verified Items

If you buy from the right places, there is a good chance that refurbished devices will be checked by professionals. This adds a reassuring side to the purchase. Indeed, what is usually scary with refurbished is the uncertainty about the appearance/performance of the device. However, when refurbished items are put up for sale, they are very often approved/checked by professionals beforehand (we can cite for example the case of BackMarket, which has all its devices, of all types, checked before being highlighted on the site).


Here are the main advantages of refurbished! However, as with everything, one should remain cautious and buy responsibly. The next time you need to spend your money, instead of rushing to the first store that comes along, consider redirecting yourself to the refurbished one!

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