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Thriving at work: how can you achieve it?

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The notion of meaning is essential when you want to thrive at work. According to a study by the Ifop institute, 75% of French people say they are happy at work. Among the reasons for their happiness, passion and interest in what they do are most often cited. Finding interest and meaning at work allows us to feel more engaged and therefore contributes to our fulfillment and happiness at work. Let's see together what are the ways to give meaning to his work.


Know the Purpose

We have to ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. Ask yourself, what cause am I contributing to? It is imperative that everyone knows what the purpose of the company in which they work is. If you don't know, you need to talk to your managers so they can let you know. It's impossible to motivate yourself if you don't know what the overall goal of the company or its department is.

The Happy Work podcast gives a good example of this with an interview with the cleaning man of Space X, Elon Musk's company that aims to send us to Mars. The journalist asks the cleaner about the meaning of his job, and the latter replies that he is participating in the conquest of space. The journalist was surprised by his answer and the man added that he should not be because his superior explained to him that if he worked well, that the computer screens were as good as new, that the offices were airy and clean, that the garbage cans were emptied; the working environment would be pleasant and therefore the engineers would feel better, would be more creative and so thanks to his work, Space X would go to Mars faster.



Today, when we enter the job market, we ask ourselves the question of the values carried by the company. Earning money is no longer enough, behind it we have the will to have a positive impact and make ourselves useful.

Your work must be in line with your values, it must be consistent with what you believe in. We all have the desire to serve a cause that resonates with who we are. And yes, it's hard to imagine an environmentalist holding a position in a nuclear power plant.   


Diversity of activities

It is essential to make sure that in your work, you have not fallen into a certain monotony. Make sure to bring diversity to the tasks you have to do.

To give meaning to their employees, we are seeing the flourishing of "intrapreneuria" programs in companies, which consist of allowing employees to create projects alongside what they do in their daily work. In this way, they give meaning to their work. If your company doesn't offer one, don't hesitate to propose projects that motivate you and that are beneficial to the company.

There are also employees who offer to co-construct actions with associations that they support in their personal spheres. Nowadays, the business world is changing thanks to individual positions within companies and it is worth remembering that all major social changes are often the result of individual initiatives.


Adapt your skills to work

We can't be experts in everything. If the work to be done is beyond your abilities, you will quickly be lost and you will not know where to turn. Conversely, if the work is below your skills, you'll get bored. It's imperative to feel useful! And yes, the notion of utility is fundamental.

In short, you need to have a workload that is adjusted to what you are able to do in a normal day. In both cases, don't hesitate to discuss it with your superiors to avoid burnout and bore-out.


Learning & Perspectives 

The notion of meaning is maximized when learning. Indeed, it is often an ingredient that is very important both at the beginning and at the end of a career.  And yes, it's always rewarding to feel like you're evolving.

If you still can't find meaning in your work, and you ask yourself what you do and why you do it all the time, then it may be time to find a job that will be more consistent with your values and your deepest aspirations.


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