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The Zerocopy Graduate Program

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Did you know? Zerocopy has set up a program that aims to accompany you from your graduation to your first steps as a pro: The Graduate Program. 🎓 Today, the Zerocopy team answers all our questions so that you are unbeatable on the subject... On your marks, get set, go!

Can you give us a brief overview of Zerocopy's graduate program?

The Graduate Program is an intensive 18-month program that aims to transform a young graduate into a full-fledged professional. The program focuses on the art of sales and may later include other aspects of a business such as human resources, management, marketing, etc.

What are the eligibility criteria for potential candidates?

 We are looking for motivated young graduates who speak English and French or Dutch. Other than that, everyone is welcome to apply!

What sets Zerocopy's Graduate Program apart from other similar programs?

Each graduate has different needs and ambitions, and they are treated as such. Responsibilities come very early and results follow. 

Could you tell us about any success stories or testimonials from past participants of the program ?

Yes of course! Here are Nina and Hector's stories:

  • Nina Creplet: One of the first to join this program, she quickly showed her talent and dedication and at the end of the program, she accepted the position of Marketing Director at Zerocopy.

  • Hector Valsamidi : He started working at Zerocopy as a student and when he graduated, he decided to take the program. He then managed to graduate in 12 months (instead of the usual 18) and is now the Account Manager / Campaign Expert at Zerocopy.

How does the program balance theoretical learning and practical experience?

All the knowledge accumulated over the years from different theories put into practice, different approaches, and different people is written.

Can you describe the typical daily activities and responsibilities of a program participant?

  • Get in touch directly with communication professionals

  • Gather a good understanding of their needs, through a call or meeting

  • Introduce what Zerocopy is and how it can help them achieve their goals

  • Take notes and discuss with the Account Manager the best possible solution, adapted to each person

How do you support participants in their transition from interns to competent professionals?

During the bootcamp period (1 to 3 months), the intern focuses on the theoretical aspect of the program and starts to put his knowledge into practice. From there, participants are independent and take the lead, focusing on personal and professional growth, with the rest of the team taking on a guiding and supportive role.

Can you tell us about potential career paths for program graduates within and outside of Zerocopy?

The focus of the program within Zerocopy : Marketing Director, Account Manager/Executive, HR, and all program graduates

Outside of Zerocopy: Start your own business, no limitations in specific industries as the skills learned are useful everywhere

What do you think makes the Zerocopy Graduate Program an ideal choice for ambitious job seekers and recent graduates looking for a career with impact and growth opportunities?

  • An open environment and clear communication

  • The feedback culture focuses on everyone's growth

  • The results of the efforts are easily identifiable and have a measurable impact from the start

  • Constant one-on-one meetings with deep dives into the career development of participants

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