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The jobs that are recruiting in 2023!

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And what do you want to do when you grow up? Are you still struggling to answer this question clearly and convincingly? This is understandable given the multitude of jobs on the market. Indeed, it's easy to get lost ! But while there are strategies to find the right job for you, one of them offers the opportunity to bet on security. That's right, why not choose from the list of the most in-demand jobs? Find in this article the professions that are recruiting the most in 2023 !

  • The job market in 2023

Every year in Belgium, the Walloon, Flemish and Brussels-Capital Regions draw up a list of critical functions on their territory. These are the job offers that are more difficult to find. 

Among these critical functions are the so-called shortage professions. These are the occupations for which there are too few job seekers compared to the number of positions to be filled.

According to the Manpower Barometer, although the pace of hiring is expected to slow down in the first quarter of 2023, the labour market in Belgium is expected to grow by 23 % in 2023 . Quite contrasted at the regional level, these forecasts are quite favourable in Brussels (+32%) and wiser in Flanders (+19%) and Wallonia (+18%).

So what is the reason for this increase in recruitment ? Well, it seems that this is partly due to the mass retirement of the baby boom generations. Thanks to this, some 700,000 jobs are expected to be freed up in 2023 !

In addition, there is also a large number of job creations in occupations that are " in shortage", i.e. in shortage .

Are you a student or thinking of a career change? In that case, why not take advantage of the advantages that one of these shortage professions can offer you?

  • The benefits of working in a profession in short supply

The biggest advantage of shortage trades is what makes them so qualified : the lack of applications. Admittedly, this is certainly far from being advantageous for the sectors that suffer terribly from this shortage. Nevertheless, it is a serious asset for members of this profession. Indeed, having become rare in the market, they know that they will have very few competitors if they apply to a place. This will seriously increase their chances of being hired !

So, if you are looking for a job, training for one of these trades will certainly increase your chances of getting a job !

In addition, working in a sector that brings together several "shortage" occupations can sometimes allow you to climb the ladder more quickly. Indeed, in the hospitality industry, it is not uncommon, for example, for a person initially hired as a dishwasher to become a commis de cuisine, then a chef de rang ! 

Many jobs in short supply are also passion jobs. People who choose to work in these professions do so primarily out of passion and do not perceive their activity as a job. What makes them want to go to work every day is above all the fact that they feel useful. They feel that they are contributing something to society and that, much more than their salary, drives them !

  • The list of professions that are recruiting in 2023

Here we are ! The list you've been waiting for! Find out below which sectors are hiring the most in 2023.

  • Careers in finance and real estate

In first place, with a 41% increase in demand, are the finance and real estate sectors. 

Finance includes both the banking and insurance sectors. Essential to any economic activity, this field is doing very well with an increasing number of recruitments each year.

As for the real estate sector, it is sounding the alarm. According to the Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents (IPI), the significant shortage of real estate agents could become problematic for the more than 90,000 condominiums existing in Belgium.

Thus, the most in-demand jobs this year in finance and real estate are :

  1. Financial Controller

  2. Senior Accountant/Accountant Manager

  3. Financial Manager

  4. Financial Analyst

  5. Real Estate Agent/Real Estate Trustee

  • IT jobs

In second place, the IT sector, i.e. information technology, recorded an increase of 37%.

Indeed, since covid, IT jobs have had the wind in their sails. Occupations in short supply in the IT sector are not just purely technical profiles. Business and communication skills are also increasingly required.

The specialist magazine Computable Belgium has listed the 7 professions with a shortage in the IT sector in our country :

  1. Software Developer

  2. Full Stack Developer

  3. Data Analyst

  4. Database Administrator

  5. Network Administrator

  6. Integration & Implementation Expert

  7. IT Manager/IT Manager (CIO)/ICT Manager

  • The energy sector

With 33% more demand, the energy sector is at the bottom of the podium.

Nowadays, energy is an integral part of the news. But this sector also has jobs in short supply, among other things because of the transition to green technologies. Indeed, the latter gives a new impetus to jobs in the energy sector.

The most sought-after jobs in the energy sector in 2023 are :

  1. Electrician

  2. Energy Advisor

  3. Maintenance Technician

  4. Refrigeration Technician

  5. Technical Manager

  6. Electromechanical Technician

  7. Commercial Clerk

  8. Research & Development

  • Public services and education

Employers also report positive hiring forecasts in the public service and education sectors (+25%).

In Belgium, despite a steady increase in the number of teachers over the past 10 years, many schools still suffer from a shortage of teachers in all levels and for almost all subjects.

Thus, the most in-demand positions in the public service and education are :

  1. Modern Language Teacher

  2. Professor of Economics

  3. Science Teacher

  4. Geography Teacher

  5. Mathematics Teacher

  6. Language Immersion Teacher

  7. Second Language Teacher

  8. Teacher in special secondary education

  9. Driving school instructor

  10. Pedagogical Coordinator

  11. Educator-Coach

  12. Adult Trainer

  13. Public Safety Officer

  14. Social Worker

  • Healthcare professions

Reputed to never experience a crisis, the health professions are once again joining the ranking of the jobs that recruit the most with a 22% increase in demand.

Indeed, nurses, doctors and doctors are and will always be essential professions of the future. And to believe that they could one day be totally replaced by machines is a delusion ! These jobs require patience, good communication and social skills to best support patients. In short, human qualities that a robot would never be able to match.

In this sector, the nursing profession is by far the one that is most lacking. Currently, Belgium is facing a shortage of 10,000 candidates !

The most sought-after profiles in 2023 are :

  1. Nurse at home and in nursing homes

  2. Operating Room Nurse

  3. Head Nurse

  4. Social Nurse

  5. Nurse specialized in childcare (pediatric nurse)

  6. Caregiver

  7. Physician (general practitioner, emergency physician, geriatrician)

  8. Occupational therapist

  9. Physiotherapist

  10. Medical Imaging Technologist

  11. Hospital Pharmacist

  • Manufacturing, construction and agriculture

On a par with the healthcare sector, those in manufacturing, construction and agriculture also recorded an increase of 22%.

The most in-demand jobs are :

  1. Pipelayer

  2. Formworker 

  3. Mason

  4. Ceiling lamp

  5. Carpenter

  6. Roofer

  7. Structural insulation and roofing

  8. Plumbing and heating fitter

  9. Fountain Maker

  10. Air Conditioning/Ventilation Fitter

  11. Refrigeration fitter

  12. Glazier

  13. Tiler

  14. Baker/Pastry Chef

  15. Slaughterer (meat processing)

  16. Boning cutter

  17. Butcher

  18. Agricultural Mechanic

  • Logistics and transport jobs

With demand up by 19%, the logistics and transport sector also has a rather favourable employment outlook. With the proliferation of mobile applications offering home delivery services, year after year, the job market will need more and more logistics jobs. Bus drivers are also in high demand in Belgium. Belgian bus and coach companies are looking for more than 1,500 drivers !

The most sought-after profiles in the logistics and transport sector are :

  1. Truck driver

  2. Bus/Coach Driver

  3. Logistics Manager

  • Careers in the hospitality industry

Recruitment intentions in the hospitality sector are also significantly lower (+9%).

However, if you are looking for a position in this sector, you should know that these are the most in demand:

  1. Bartender

  2. Head Chef

  3. Chef de partie

  4. Cook

  5. Kitchen assistant

  6. Hotel Receptionist/Front Desk Manager

  7. Quick Service Food Manager

  8. Brew bar waiter

  9. Restorative server

  10. Chambermaid

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