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The essential job of a recruiter in Belgium

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More than ever, the importance of the quality of recruitment in companies is paramount for many reasons. Among the recruiter's tasks, one of the most important is the selection of relevant profiles for a position to be filled within the company in question. To do this, the recruiter must have a keen eye, multidisciplinary knowledge and a strict understanding of the company's values and aspirations. However, we can wonder about the future of this profession in 2022, where digital is omnipresent.

Conscientious work

The job of recruiter is of great importance and focuses on several major aspects. Here, we will focus on the relevance of the latter in the selection of candidates for potential hiring. Recruitment involves the essential step of receiving applications, analyzing them and making a decision about the next part of the hiring process. The job is therefore to be the first link between a candidate and the company, in addition to being a great responsibility, it is also a highly time-consuming task. Indeed, this process requires a lot of time and that is why it is, without a doubt, sometimes neglected.

Recruitment in 2022

In the digital age, it is normal for almost the entire sector to turn to digital or technology and recruitment is obviously no exception to the rule. In recent years, many companies have been using new technologies to support their decisions. In this way, it allows you to base your thoughts and decisions on factual elements, figures, and not on simple intuitions. Indeed, progress requires analytics and data science to play an increasingly important role in the business world, bringing many positive sides. However, both Belgium and France are reluctant to introduce HR analytics.

In another way, digital technology is also growing in the application process. The latter take place more online and many companies call on external structures to lend a hand in this process (such as recruitment agencies that work online, freelance recruiters, etc.). In addition, we can observe the emergence of platforms that relay job offers or offer recruitment services, such as Meet My Job.

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The "human" resource

With the arrival of these technologies, we must not neglect the human factor, which is essential in a decision-making process. This is where digital technology finds its limits. New trends are emerging, but we should not think that they will replace the profession. This point of view is defended by Sébastien Delfosse, head of Manpower Belgium: "Technology will change the content of our business, but it will not replace us" (full article available on the La Libre website).

This is precisely what we align ourselves with at Meet My Job. Indeed, our desire is to reconcile the best of both worlds: technological progress and the human factor. This form of recruitment 3.0 is in line with the values we cherish, namely putting people back at the center of the problem, with the added prospect of wanting to fight for a better world through careers with a positive impact. Because at Meet My Job, we scrupulously choose the companies we want to work with, which allows us to come together around a foundation of common values. It is in this criterion that our strength lies, because our partner companies are ultimately in the same mindset as us, and vice versa. More than a partnership, we want to create a truly prosperous alliance, where the motto of the flat country would take on its full meaning: unity is strength.

A long-term vision

The future of recruitment may still be unclear, but it is far from having a sword of Damocles hanging over its head. Like everything else, the latter is destined to evolve with the times and therefore potentially redefine itself. With this in mind, Meet My Job humbly wishes to contribute to this redefinition and become an active pawn in recruitment. "You're crazy!" you might say? Maybe that's a description of the project, but remember that we don't have the ambition to become the kings of the game or to turn into failure. Meet My Job strongly believes in the future of recruitment and will put in place the necessary efforts to sustain its use, always placing people and their sustainable values at the forefront.

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