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The advantages of the junior profile in business

Image de présentation de l'article The advantages of the junior profile in business

Professionals at the beginning of their careers, junior profiles are sometimes left out of the CV pile by recruiters. However, recruiting a junior in your company brings its share of advantages. Enthusiasm, dynamism and fresh eyes can compensate for the lack of experience characteristic of this type of profile. Let's take a closer look at their strengths in business. 

What is a junior profile?

A junior is defined as a profile with little experience in the professional world. Whether they are recent graduates or people in retraining, juniors generally have less than 2 years of experience in the field where they wish to practice. However, the term does not refer to a specific number of years but to a status of entry into the labour market. This status, which may seem disadvantageous at first glance, nevertheless has a number of benefits for the companies that employ them. 

The advantages of the junior profiles 

The newly graduated junior is just starting out in the workforce. His first job was an opportunity for him to prove himself. He is motivated and full of ambitions, fully  committed to his work. The recruit usually uses his energy, skills and knowledge to perform at his best. It will thus be able to highlight its sense of initiative and be a force of proposals. His fresh perspective will only contribute to the company and at the same time promote a positive employer brand. 

This dynamism is all the more interesting for the company as the junior does not have bad habits. Indeed, these are acquired over time, with a certain amount of experience. This allows them to adapt to the company's methods without having to get rid of bad habits. The junior can also adapt quite easily to new technologies and other software, which are increasingly used in companies. They are often already familiar with it. In addition, a junior candidate requires a lower remuneration than an experienced or senior candidate. Finally, we can add that the junior is not totally devoid of experience since he will have done internships, or even a work-study program during his schooling! 

Advice for junior profiles 

As we have seen, being a junior is not an absolute disadvantage in business. However, here are some tips for juniors in business.

We now know that the CV is crucial in the recruitment process. It determines the recruiter's first impression. And if the "Professional Experience" part of the CV is not the most full of a junior profile, they can still make the most of their training and skills. There is nothing to prevent you from indicating the software and languages you have mastered , as well as your soft skills. It is even possible to talk about his extracurricular experiences. Volunteering, associative projects, student jobs, hobbies: don't hesitate to indicate everything that can bring relevant skills to the position you are applying for.

The cover letter, on the other hand, can make all the difference. Avoid focusing on your lack of experience and instead value your enthusiasm for the position. And why not adopt the same attitude during the job interview ?

Being a junior sometimes means being the target of clichés, just like senior profiles. However, it doesn't have to be. This type of profile also has its strengths. In fact, they can be real assets for the company they work for. 


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