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The 5 apps and sites to plant trees from home!

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This summer, several forest fires have been recorded in different regions of the world, affecting countries on all continents (Australia, Algeria, Greece, the United States, etc.). These fires represent a danger to the environment: CO² emissions have risen alarmingly since this summer. To remedy this, some sites and applications make it easier to plant trees. Here are the 5 apps and sites to plant trees from home!

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Forest is an app that forces you to focus on your work/studies!

Have you ever been distracted by your phone, notifications, colleagues, etc.? ? Well, Forest pushes you to stay focused on the task at hand. How does it work? Once the app is opened, a plant will appear. Once you start the timer (say, for 30 minutes), the plant will start growing and you won't be able to touch your phone and exit the app. What for? If you do, the plant will die.

When the 30 minutes are over, the tree will have grown completely and will be planted in real life as well! It's a simple (and very convenient in everyday life) way to plant trees. Thanks to Forest, 1,208,995 trees have been planted.


PlantSnap is an app that allows you to identify plants that cross your path! Thanks to its database of more than 600,000 plant types from all over the world, you will quickly become a vegetation expert! You can also get tips and tricks via the app to get started with gardening.

But that's not all: the app connects you with millions of other users ! Share the photos you've taken and exchange with other nature enthusiasts. And best of all, if you download the app and register on it, PlantSnap is committed to planting a tree! Indeed, for each new registered user, a tree will be planted. So, what are you waiting for? It's a fun and easy way to learn more about flora while helping the planet!


To get to this blog, chances are you've gone through Google, the most famous search engine. But there's a good chance you're also familiar with Ecosia : a search engine that plants a tree for every search you make. Yes, yes, you read that right. To plant a tree, all you have to do is do a search. Easy, isn't it?
Just install the Ecosia extension on your basic browser, and you're good to go! Whenever you have a search to do, you will plant a tree. It's simple, ultra-efficient and ethical. Today, and thanks to Ecosia, more than 135,000,000 trees have been planted (and the number continues to grow)!


What is TreeNation? It's a non-profit organization that empowers people like you and me to plant trees around the world! With a simple click on their website, you can offset the CO² released into the air. Individuals and companies alike can participate in this project and the organization has planted 11,420,079 trees so far. But, how does it work?

Once on the TreeNation website, when you want to plant a tree, you can choose between different reforestation projects, which vary in price. First, you choose the location (Brazil, Spain, Thailand, India, Madagascar, etc.). All these options range from €0.10 to €3. Then, you have the opportunity to select the tree of your choice! The proposed trees can have medicinal properties, fast growth, nutritional properties...

You can then choose between planting 1, 10 or 50 trees, depending on the allocated budget! And that's it. Without even leaving your home, you can offset hundreds, if not thousands, of kilos of CO². Thanks to TreeNation's initiative, it is possible to make a difference. The planet is worth it!


Finally, we have Reforestaction. With the same principle as TreeNation, this organization allows you to plant trees in the location of your choice! All you have to do is select one of the current projects on the interactive map, displayed on their website. If you see a tree symbol, it means you can participate and invest!
Once on the project, you can see the benefits of the project: how many animal shelters have been created, how many months of oxygen have been generated, how many tons of CO² have been stored... In short, for a few euros spent, you can participate in an enriching project, both on a human and ecological level!


Replanting trees (especially from home) is a simple way to fight global warming effectively. That's why these 5 tree planting apps and sites will help you get into this fight effortlessly! We are all concerned about the future of the planet and participating in sustainable development is our way of making a difference !

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