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The 3 advantages of organic food!

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Paying attention to your health is a foundation for everyone. Many of the products we find in supermarkets are full of pesticides, which is, in the end, very little recommended by doctors. Here are the 3 advantages of organic food!

Beyond food, there are other everyday gestures to be taken to preserve the planet!

Better for your health

One of the first advantages of organic food is the fact that it is better for your health ! Indeed, it is very easy to find, when shopping, products and foods full of pesticides (fruits/vegetables, etc.). So, why buy organic products? This is because they contain more nutrients (due to the fact that they have no/have few pesticide residues). Eating organic food also means fewer diseases. Indeed, pesticides can cause diseases such as leukemia in children: the most affected people are babies and infants, young children and farmers and their families. Buying organic products means choosing to eat responsibly and take care of yourself, simply.

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Better for the environment

It's no secret that the use of pesticides is a huge threat to the ecosystem. Indeed, several species die every day from poisoning by these toxic products. These include bees (which are dying at an alarming rate, despite their immense importance for biodiversity), frogs, but also birds. And even if they weren't poisoned by pesticides, they would still starve to death, because their main food dies because of the toxic products.

One of the main advantages of organic food is therefore to be able to preserve nature, soil and animals. Indeed, in the first place, it can be argued that pesticides are causing enormous damage to the soil, not to mention the phenomenal exploitation of resources, which is slowly destroying the planet. As far as animals are concerned, it is quite possible to choose to eat from organic farms. The latter are indeed respectful of animals, they follow strict rules to take care of them and leave them in the open (instead of locking them in tiny cages, which would make anyone claustrophobic).

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Better for the local economy

Finally, we have the advantage when it comes to the local economy! Of course, there are imported organic products – that's why you should always check the origin of the food. As soon as you do that, you would give preference to local farmers, allowing them to have a stable income and offer more local quality products. Consuming products from short supply chains not only helps the environment but also boosts the local economy.


In short, for responsible consumption, choose organic and local food, in order to encourage local farmers while respecting the planet! In the long run, you'll see the difference.

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