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Succeed in your interview with the STAR method

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How can you predict the behaviour of a future candidate from the start of the job interview? How do you stand out and value yourself as a candidate? The STAR method, designed by Tom Janz, psychologist and human resources teacher, will answer your questions. According to him, "the best way to predict future behaviour is to know past behaviour in the same situation." So, what is the STAR method ? Meet My Job tells you everything!

The STAR Method: Definition

The STAR method is a recruitment technique that allows you to structure your job interviews. Used by both recruiters and candidates, the STAR method goes beyond the standard quality/defect questions usually asked during an interview. It allows candidates to express themselves freely and stand out by valuing their skills and past experiences. For recruiters, it is a good method to better understand the candidate in real employment contexts.

1. S for Situations

It is a job description of a professional situation in which the candidate has already found himself. It can be a busy position, a mission, but also a school or volunteer project.

2. T for Tasks

It is a question of describing the tasks assigned to you in this situation. What were your responsibilities? At this stage, the objectives and the tasks carried out to achieve them are highlighted.

3. A is for Stocks

Actions correspond to the means undertaken by the candidate in order to carry out the given tasks. It's all about highlighting your angle of approach to solving the problem.

4. R for Results

Finally, the candidate must accurately describe the results obtained. For example, he or she can present figures to provide more credibility.

The STAR method can be used either on your own initiative or on the employer's initiative. As a candidate, it's important to be prepared to deal with these types of questions. Indeed, there is nothing more frustrating than having nothing to say during an interview! If you don't have any concrete examples in mind during the interview, it will show.

The STAR method can be grouped together by different questions, which usually start with:

  • Tell me about a time when...
  • Have you ever...
  • How do you react when...
  • Give me an example of...
  • Describe to me a situation where...

If you hear these formulations, the recruiter expects a development from you!

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Putting the STAR method into practice

Now that you have the theory, it's time to practice! Here is an example to help you better understand the STAR method in the field.

During the interview, the recruiter asks you: "Tell me about one of your proudest achievements in the company." An example response with the STAR method could be this:

  • Situation : In my previous position as a marketing communications manager, my company wanted to gain notoriety by launching on LinkedIn.

  • Task : My goal was to gain about 100 subscribers in the first month.

  • Action : I then worked with the rest of the marketing team to create varied content on a regular basis. I published photos, videos and blog posts 4 times a week. I also sent messages to prospects to introduce them to the company and try to personalize the message.

  • Result : Thanks to these different actions, I was able to gain 200 subscribers in the first month, double the initial goal!

Our tips for a successful interview with the STAR method

Don't let yourself be destabilized

Even if you have prepared for the interview beforehand, you may be surprised by the recruiter's question. Keep your cool! You have time to think about it. A recruiter will prefer a candidate who takes the time to think rather than someone who rushes and scatters. If you need to, ask the recruiter for a few more minutes to think about the answer. If what you had prepared as an example is not suitable for the situation, it is necessary to adapt it.

Be specific and concise

There's no point in spreading yourself too thin and losing your interlocutor with unnecessary details. Get to the point and stay methodical: each of the 4 points must fit in 2/3 sentences maximum. However, you can spend more time on the " Actions" part because that's when you highlight your skills.

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