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Responsible eating: 3 simple actions to implement on a daily basis

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What if we adopted a healthier diet for our health and our planet? Air and soil pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption: our food has an impact on the environment and our health. The food transition is essential, so today, we are going to give you 3 simple actions to put in place on a daily basis to adopt a responsible diet.


Reduce your meat consumption

We eat 3 times a day and the choices we make have a huge impact. Deforestation, water stress and water pollution, greenhouse gases: meat consumption has a major impact on the environment. Therefore, gradually reduce your meat consumption by favouring organic meat produced in your country.

Change your diet by eating more plant-based products, they have a lower environmental impact than animal products. Promotes combinations of cereals and vegetable proteins by rediscovering legumes that have a very interesting nutritional profile.


Eating local, organic and seasonal

You reduce your environmental impact by favouring organic and sustainable food that is produced locally and seasonally.

In this way, you limit the journey from the field to your plate, but also the consumption of energy and natural resources to produce this food. Favours small local producers in short circuits. You can look for organic producers or pick-up points near you that offer their products.

To adopt a responsible diet, choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. By buying them, you accept their small aesthetic defects, because they are perfectly consumable. They provide our body with all the nutritional benefits we need at this time of year. In addition to promoting short supply chains, you protect the environment. When we consume products out of season, we import these products from the other side of the world, which are transported by plane or boat. They are coated with chemicals and overpackaged so that they keep for as long as possible.

calendrier des fruits et légumes de saison

Let's get to the kitchen

When you're cooking, you know exactly what you're putting in your dishes. In addition to saving money, you reduce your waste and avoid swallowing the dozens of additives present in ready meals. Make your menus in advance, this way you do your shopping without buying too much and wasting too much. If cooking is more of a constraint than anything else for you, you can adopt the Batch cooking technique. This involves preparing all of the week's menus in a single cooking session.


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