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Prepare effectively for your appraisal interview

Image de présentation de l'article Prepare effectively for your appraisal interview

Taking stock of the past year and looking ahead to the months to come, the professional appraisal interview can be a moment of fruitful exchange between employees and managers. However, this interview is often perceived as stressful and considered by some to be an ordeal. To take the drama out of this dreaded moment, here are three tips for effectively preparing for your appraisal interview. 

Don't panic 

Like every year, the fateful date falls. Your annual appraisal interview is in a week. But, there's no point in losing your temper. While the interview allows for an individual assessment of the employee's skills, it is in no way an exam! Above all, it is intended to facilitate dialogue and discuss the objectives or difficulties encountered.

Take your self-assessment

The self-assessment is a mandatory step when preparing for the annual interview. Being aware of your strengths and areas for improvement will help the interview run smoothly. However, this observation exercise is not enough: you can also highlight the projects you have successfully completed. However, don't forget to mention those who didn't succeed by detailing the reasons for these setbacks. Demonstrating good analytical skills can only benefit you during an annual appraisal interview. Bring your agendas, reports and other reports to do this self-assessment. They will help you to present concrete arguments, precise figures and not to omit anything. Some companies also provide a self-assessment grid prior to the annual review. It may be helpful to refer to the previous year's survey to highlight your progress. Finally, the tasks detailed on your job description can be used as a support during your self-assessment. You can ask yourself which assignments you enjoy, which ones are the most challenging for you, and look at the results you get. 

Looking ahead 

The purpose of the appraisal interview is not only to draw conclusions from the past year. It is also intended to prepare for the coming year. To avoid being caught off guard, it is necessary to be aware of your objectives and the potential obstacles that may arise. Informing your manager can open the discussion on possible tools or training. 

In addition, the appraisal interview can be a time to discuss issues related to your position. Would you like more responsibility, a promotion, a raise? Preparing for the interview should allow you to answer these questions and thus better support your argument with the help of figures.

And after the appraisal interview?

It's not all over once the interview is over. In order not to make this interview a mere formality, a written report is sometimes drawn up signed by both parties. This document will then be sent to the Human Resources department. The minutes set out commitments, such as a second interview a few months later. 

The annual appraisal interview, like the job interview, cannot be passed without preparation. By anticipating, we can ensure that it takes place in the best conditions. By following these tips, you can approach your annual appraisal interview with peace of mind. 


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