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Opportunities for development at Too Good To Go

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You've probably already heard of Too Good To Go, the super anti-waste app that allows you to save meals and other foodstuffs from major brands. Today, we take you behind the scenes thanks to the testimonies of Edouard, Yente, Karima and Elke. Whether they are ambitious juniors or seasoned seniors, whether they have joined the team after a career change or have climbed the ladder within the company, each one embodies a unique facet of the Too Good To Go adventure. Ready to explore their endless field of career opportunities? Let's go!

Hello! Can you tell us when you arrived at Too Good To Go?

Edouard: I have just finished my master's degree and I am living my first professional experience at Too Good To Go as an Outbound Sales Specialist.

Yente: I started 2 months ago as an Outbound Sales Specialist.

Karima: I've been at Too Good To Go for 3 and a half years, and I'm currently working in

as a buyer for the Manufacturers team.

Elke: I have been at Too Good To Go since January 2024, as Senior Key Account Manager.

Can you explain to us why Too Good To Go is attractive for your professional profile?

Edouard: Of course! As a young graduate like me and being a junior profile, working in a scale-up like Too Good To Go is very interesting, because it is an experience that I will be able to easily highlight in my future research. In addition, the name Too Good To Go is recognized by recruiters, which is an added advantage. The company's mission is also very appealing, as it addresses a problem that we have studied many times in the classroom: food waste. Finally, in my opinion, being able to work in an international environment where English is the main language is an advantage for a junior profile, because international experience is more easily valued.

Yente: I arrived at Too Good To Go following a professional retraining. Too Good To Go is a socially relevant company with a direct impact on food waste and therefore on global warming. We are actually making a difference for a greater cause and this is something that is felt in the workplace.

Karima: As Too Good To Go is always evolving, brand new roles open up regularly, offering great opportunities for internal progression. When I wanted to explore new roles, I was also supported by my managers throughout the process.

I started at TGTG as a Partner Growth Specialist. I took care of all the independent partners in Belgium. After a year, I had the opportunity to apply for a new role internally and was able to join the Manufacturers team as Key Account Manager. The team was in the midst of a transformation, and just over a year later, a new solution was launched for manufacturers. My role naturally evolved and I became a buyer. I am now responsible for buying the products in short dates for all manufacturers in Belgium.

Elke: As a senior profile, it is refreshing to work in this new company format, i.e. a BCorp. I explore the differences every day. The company's mission is very clear and resonates with the spirit of the times. The values are not only beautifully displayed on the website but are also strongly expressed in the daily operations.

In your opinion Elke, why should senior profiles join Too Good To Go?

Their experience allows them to act as a lever and, together with the ambitious and enthusiastic colleagues already there, to take the company to the next level.

As for you, Edouard, why did you join Too Good To Go directly after your master's degree?

After obtaining my Master's degree in Marketing, Commerce and Communication at My M&M'S (Mars group), I immediately realized that I didn't want to start my career in a large company. My work-study experience went very well, but the work environment did not convince me to continue in this type of structure. One of my main goals was to work in an organization that offered meaningful assignments, which is why the choice to move towards Too Good To Go was quite easy.

In addition, the proposed assignments are perfectly aligned with my sales-oriented profile . I was looking to work on the field, and that's what I'm doing now. Finally, after having worked with German suppliers during my work-study program, I wanted to rediscover this international dimension.

And you, Yente, what attracted you the most about the idea of starting your career at Too Good To Go after your professional retraining?

I was 100% convinced that I wanted a job as a sales representative and I wanted to join a project with social relevance. Naturally, Too Good To Go was one of the first companies I thought of.

Edouard, can you tell us how your first day as a junior at Too Good To Go was?

Edouard: For my first day at Too Good To Go, I arrived a little earlier than all my colleagues so that my manager could show me around the premises. Afterwards, I was able to meet and discuss with the colleagues who were present that day. Once the introductions were made, I was given my "Welcome Pack" consisting of everything I would need to work. Then, I did the different parts of my "Self-onboarding", which mainly consisted of discovering the office tools I was going to have to use as well as the connections to the main accounts (Google, BambooHR, JumpCloud) necessary to get started.

The reception was very good, my new colleagues tried to get to know me and integrated me well from the beginning. When I got stuck on a step of my onboarding, I immediately had an answer to my question. 

If I had to sum up my beginnings at Too Good To Go in a few words, it would be: 

  • Autonomy (self-learning);

  • Proactivity (Force of proposal);

  • Curiosity (Asking questions);

  • User-friendliness (Quick inclusion);

  • Pride (Onboarding of the first stores)

What initiatives to encourage employees to adopt sustainable lifestyles do you particularly appreciate at Too Good To Go?

Edouard: When I travel for work, I like to have a choice of means of transport (bike, car, train, etc.). The company also offers us vouchers to use on the Too Good To Go app to save surprise baskets.

Yente: Just not giving a car to all sales reps is something I didn't fully understand at first. Visiting small villages at the end of the world with names I can't even pronounce seemed rather impossible to me... In the end, the end of the world is only 30 minutes away by train and at most stations you can rent a bike. And of course, there is always the option of renting shared cars to get to remote places!

Elke: This starts with food waste training from onboarding and regular updates on sustainability. It's part of our daily professional life and our argument to customers. In addition, they create a working environment with sustainable office and kitchen supplies, and environmentally friendly  travel solutions are offered.

Would you like to share one of your memories with your colleagues/team?

Edouard: In our offices, usually on weekends, we have the opportunity to share a drink with our colleagues. These moments are very precious because they allow you to forge links and discover new personalities.

Yente: My second day at work, which turned out to be a Friday, was also the last day of a true legend at Too Good To Go. He hosted a farewell drink as he was moving to Canada to bolster the Too Good To Go team there. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know many of my colleagues better in the short term.

Karima: One memory that comes to mind is the meet-up we held in Copenhagen last year for the new Manufacturers team. We had been working in different countries for several months without meeting. It was an incredible experience where the whole team was together, overflowing with motivation and energy. Everyone's passion and commitment created an incredible atmosphere, we all felt that what we were doing had the potential for a huge impact. I came back even more motivated and inspired by our mission.

During our visit to Too Good To Go, we took the opportunity to ask Chloé, head of corporate culture at Too Good To Go, a few questions. 

Chloé, can you explain what training programs are offered to help employees develop their skills and advance in their careers?

With pleasure! At Too Good To Go, personal and professional development is at the center of our teams' development. This is a very important point for us.

We really want to enable our colleagues to develop their careers by providing a work environment where one can actively acquire or develop skills, networks and knowledge that promote their impact as professionals.

Each year, all team members define goals related to the development of skills (personal and professional) that will allow them to excel in their mission. As for apprenticeships, they are done in the field and training or other forms of learning are created according to the development objectives of our teams, so that the training offer is as relevant and adapted as possible. 

How can the corporate culture and values of Too Good To Go influence the career development of employees?

Our values and principles echo not only who we are as a company, but also as individuals. These are principles that guide the way we work and grow professionally. They create an environment where every employee can thrive, contribute to change, and shape a better future, all while being supported by an engaged and caring community. Professionals trained by these values become valuable, responsible and trustworthy colleagues, whom every company would be lucky to have among its employees.

Our values:

  • We win together: food waste is a big beast to fight. We can do this if we fight together as ego-free Food Heroes. We believe in a #oneteam.

  • We raise the bar: we always push for more. We work smart, break down barriers, and lift each other up.

  • We keep it simple: our ambitions are bold but our solutions are simple.

  • We build a legacy: we are proud of the change we are driving about.

  • We care: we always look out for each other. The concern is also the way we do business. We do the right thing.

How can employees maintain a work-life balance while developing their careers with you?

Beyond the fact that we offer the possibility of teleworking, we are always open to dialogue to find individual solutions to ensure a working environment that facilitates a healthy work-life balance.

As you can see, Too Good To Go embodies a dynamic, inclusive and supportive work environment, while valuing the social and environmental impact on a daily basis. Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional, Too Good To Go offers rewarding career opportunities for everyone who wants to actively participate in more sustainable food! 

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