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Jobs with a positive impact that are recruiting in 2021!

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Over the past ten years, we have seen that jobs with a positive impact have been booming. These professions emerged in response to companies' commitment to social and environmental causes.

A job with a positive impact is one that contributes positively to society. This term is used in opposition to a profession that has no other objectives than the maximization of the company's profits. These jobs are therefore non-negligible sources for individuals with strong values, who want to have a job that makes sense!

This week, Meet My Job invites you to discover the positive impact jobs that are recruiting the most in 2021!


1. Responsible Purchasing and Sourcing Manager.

  • Its missions:

The responsible purchasing and sourcing manager defines and manages the company's entire responsible purchasing strategy. They must do in-depth sourcing work with their suppliers and the company's partners. This therefore requires maximum traceability of the purchases it makes (the origins of the materials, the manufacturing processes, etc.).

Then, in all its approaches, it must take into account respect for the environment, societal and social commitment and economic virtue.

Finally, their role is to generally implement all the procedures and tools to improve the overall performance of their company's purchasing department.

  • Skills and training:

The responsible purchasing and sourcing manager is an AS in negotiation techniques, he has strong interpersonal skills and a sense of listening at all times!

They must then have a BAC+5 in business, either with a specialization in CSR, or a double course in purchasing and CSR.


2. CSR and Sustainable Development Consultant.

  • Its missions:

The CSR and SD consultant is there to advise his clients or his company on the CSR policy to adopt. He writes a diagnosis and recommends strategic recommendations based on his know-how and expertise. In addition, he is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of these recommendations with his clients.

  • Skills and training:

The CSR and SD consultant must have a strong analytical capacity to study the various possibilities for improvement. Secondly, they must be curious, open-minded and obviously have a foundation of knowledge on sustainable development and CSR.

To do this job, you need a BAC +5 in management or organizational consulting. However, profiles from business or engineering schools are also appreciated.


3. ESG/SRI Analyst

And yes... Even financial players are going green! This world is seeing the arrival of SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) and is gradually taking into consideration social and environmental factors when investing.

  • Its missions:

The ESG/SRI analyst's mission is to support asset managers and investors in ESG policy (environmental, social and governance criteria). This involves improving the ESG methodology and analysing the risks and costs of the impact of these actions. He is therefore constantly working on improving the methodology and best practices in terms of finance.

  • Skills and training:

The ESG/SRI analyst must have good analytical and synthesis skills. He must also be as rigorous as possible in his work!

Again, and not surprisingly: the ESG/SRI analyst has a BAC +5 in finance with a CSR specialization.


4. Green Building Project Manager

Today, the world of construction has evolved considerably to meet today's challenges. We use more environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving and energy-saving systems, and build buildings with a low carbon footprint that are no longer thermal sieves.

  • Its missions:

The mission of the green building project manager is to carry out various thermal and energy studies during the design of a building. It draws up sustainable development diagnoses and responds to various calls for tenders.

Then, he is also in charge of obtaining the valuable environmental certifications such as the B-Corp certification!

  • Skills and training:

The green building project manager must have a solid knowledge of thermal and energy calculations. They must have a basic knowledge base in sustainable development, real estate and urban planning. In addition, they must be aware of the various existing certifications!

He holds a BAC+5 degree in Engineering or University in Environment, Civil Engineering, Construction and/or Building.


5. Responsible Communications Officer

Finally, the fact that companies take social and environmental issues into account naturally leads to communication that responds to these changes !

  • Its missions:

The Responsible Communication Officer must design a global communication strategy and content in line with the company's commitments. Indeed, they must adopt a positioning that values their company's actions in favor of sustainable development. In addition, he also contributes at his level to the company's sustainable development policy.

  • Skills and training:

Graduated with a BAC+5 in communication like any traditional communication officer, with a strong general culture and an appetite for CSR and sustainable development issues.


You now have a non-exhaustive list of jobs with a positive impact that are recruiting in 2021. These are jobs that have in common that they require an appetite for sustainable development, as well as for CSR issues. You must therefore combine your technical skills and theoretical knowledge with your ecological values!


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