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Is it possible to land the job of your dreams thanks to the law of attraction?

Image de présentation de l'article Is it possible to land the job of your dreams thanks to the law of attraction?

Still desperately looking for your dream job? What if, instead of chasing after him, you made sure to attract him to you ? At least that's what the famous law of attraction claims. Developed in the 19th century by authors associated with the spiritual thought movement "New Thought", this concept has been in the news for some time now. So, what is it all about? And does it really work? That's what we're going to try to answer in this article !

  • What is the Law of Attraction ?

Also known as the "law of vibration " or "  law of attraction ", the law of attraction is one of the 7 universal laws. These are the 7 principles that govern all person and everything in the universe. Among the most well-known are the law of mentalism, the law of correspondence and, of course, the law of attraction !

The latter is based on the principle that we attract the energy that we give off ourselves. Thus, our thoughts and emotions determine our living conditions: the way people behave with us, our surroundings, the opportunities available to us, etc.

Because of this, the Law of Attraction states that if we change something inside of us, it will automatically reflect on our external environment. Therefore, if your emotions are positive, you will attract positive. On the other hand, if your thoughts are negative, then you will only attract negative thoughts to yourself. 

Indeed, you have probably already experienced one of these scenes : you smile at a stranger in the street and he returns your smile, which puts you in a good mood, or on the contrary, you have a bad day and feel like everyone has given themselves the word to ruin it even more. It's the law of attraction !

But then, how come ? Well, it's been scientifically proven that the entire universe is just one vibration. Absolutely everything, including you, your actions, your words and your thoughts, contains pure energy vibrating at different rates of vibration. So when you think, you're emitting thought waves. These, invisible to our physical senses, each have their own frequency of vibration. Therefore, by gathering together everything you think, imagine, feel, or believe, your mental nature will, in turn, reach a global frequency. Therefore, based on the premise that " one energy attracts similar energy," this global frequency will attract similar frequencies present in your external environment.

For example, if you experience inner emotions of joy, you will attract joy. If you vibrate abundance, you will attract wealth. But if you vibrate with worry, then you will attract trouble.
Knowing this, and since it is possible to consciously choose one's thoughts, you can then intentionally increase the vibration rate of your mental nature by adopting more positive thoughts in order to attract positivity into your life !

A good way to find your dream job?

If one can attract joy, wealth, or trouble, why shouldn't it also be possible to attract work ? By properly exploiting the law of attraction, great professional opportunities can be opened up to you. However, attracting your dream job to you doesn't happen overnight.  Indeed, it requires perseverance to follow the same thought process. This takes place in more or less 5 steps :

  1. Identify your dream job

    To be able to attract your dream job to you, you still have to determine what it looks like ! To do this, let your imagination run wild. Think about what you'd actually like to do. Don't worry about the skills required or the difficulties you may face to achieve that dream. In short, just imagine the perfect job for you. Are you struggling to figure out what kind of work is right for you ? Don't panic, read our article on the 5 tests to do to find the job of your dreams

  2. Imagine yourself in this position

    Once you've identified your dream job, imagine that dream come true. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the job of your dreams, showing off your remarkable talents to everyone, or taking on challenges that seemed insurmountable. Be careful, it is important to always visualize successes. So, don't just see yourself doing regular tasks. Imagine receiving a promotion or a pay raise! As you can see, the goal is not only to get this job but to be the best at it!

  3. Imagine the working atmosphere

    Visualize yourself working in perfect harmony with your colleagues, sticking together and laughing together during lunch breaks or teambuildings. 

  4. Think of all of this as already real

    The challenge is to convince yourself that everything you've imagined and felt about your dream job is real. Think as if this goal has already been achieved. You need to feel like you belong to the profession in question. Be careful, however, it is not a question of lying to oneself but of creating your life by emitting a frequency that comes from the heart.

  5. Repeat these same thoughts over and over again

    Finally, don't think that going through this process once or twice will allow you to see results. To be successful, the Law of Attraction requires a certain amount of recurrence. Thus, you have to repeat these same thoughts, mental images, and sensations over and over again in order to imprint them on your subconscious. In this way, you will program it to attract new opportunities, situations, or circumstances that match these thoughts and images. Indeed, according to the law of attraction, our predominant thoughts, i.e. the ones we often repeat, materialize when they are accompanied by emotions and beliefs.

Does it really work?

Granted, this method may seem quite mysterious ! While some skeptics argue that it is impossible to get a job without taking a minimum of concrete actions (applying for jobs, sending your CV,...), others believe deeply in the power of the law of attraction. To each his own vision of things ! 

However, although you are strongly advised to take action (yes, sometimes it's good to give fate a little help!), practicing the Law of Attraction next to it doesn't seem like a bad idea. Indeed, whether it works for you or not, it can be a good source of motivation and positivity in the conquest of your dreams ! So you just have to find a happy medium !

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