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Imposter Syndrome: 5 Ways to Overcome It!

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It is estimated that about 60-70% of the population has experienced imposter syndrome at least once in their lives.

You think you're not qualified enough for your job, you don't have the skills to do it. You are constantly afraid of failure and you think that your successes are due only to luck and not to your work...

If you respond positively to any of these phrases, you are definitely suffering from imposter syndrome. This persistent syndrome can have a real impact on your work and your self-confidence.

This week, Meet My Job gives you 5 tips to overcome it!


1. Be aware that you have this syndrome.

We often hear that naming a problem is already finding part of the solution!

To resolve the impostor symptom, you need to become aware that you are suffering from it. This will allow you to draw its contours and put it into perspective to fight it more effectively. Next, you need to think about when it manifests itself and in what areas exactly.

Try to list all the problems this syndrome causes you and how present it is in you.

Above all, you don't want it to make you stay in your comfort zone: if you don't confront risk-taking, you will feel more and more illegitimate.


2. Be positive and reflect on your successes!

Next, you should know that imposter syndrome is related to your self-confidence . It's there to undermine your self-image and to make you doubt everything you do. This syndrome is like a little voice in your head that denigrates your abilities and skills.

There is only one solution: silence this voice and challenge yourself positively ! Don't let that voice put you down and take power in your mind.

How to do it? Remind yourself of your professional background, the skills you have acquired, the projects you have set up... All the elements of your career that are a source of pride for you. This will allow you to refocus on yourself. Remember that you are perfectly legitimate in the position you hold and that you are capable of success !


3. Confide in a close colleague or your entourage!

Secondly, it is important not to withdraw into yourself and not to keep all your anxieties to yourself. It can be intimidating to talk about it, but alas, no one will help you if you don't talk about it. It is therefore worthwhile to confide in your loved ones or a trusted colleague. They will be better able to reassure and support you.

Ask them to be as objective as possible and tell you things clearly . Having another perspective will be of great help to you in solving your problem.

Accept compliments from them as well, but don't get overly praised. This won't be of much use to you in defeating this imposter syndrome.


4. Don't judge others to make yourself feel better.

If with imposter syndrome, we tend to compare ourselves to people to whom everything seems to smile, doing the exact opposite is no better.

To get out of this vicious circle, it is important not to judge another person and consider that you are better than them. Moreover, flattering your ego will not bring you anything and will even be counterproductive later on.

You must have the reflex to see the strengths in others first: this will allow you to see your strengths first rather than your weaknesses. Your self-confidence will be boosted.

Remember, no one is perfect,and everyone is plagued by doubt sometimes. In addition, if you are in the position you hold, it is because people have seen your strengths and felt that you have the required qualities.


5. Don't get into a race for performance.

Finally, there is a misconception that by embarking on a race to outperform, we will be able to get rid of imposter syndrome.

Of course, it's important to give the best of yourself, but don't lock yourself into excessive and unhealthy rigor, which in the long run can be exhausting.

Working hard to prove your legitimacy won't do you any good: it will only put more pressure on you and could lead you to burnout !



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