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I don't like my job: what should I do?

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As children, we all dreamed of doing a particular job. Doctor, lawyer, dancer, firefighter, stuntman, actor... But, for many, those dreams don't come true. Indeed, it is not uncommon to hear people around us (close or not) complaining about their jobs, their colleagues, their schedules, etc. The question then arises: "I don't like my job, what should I do?"
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Discomfort at work: temporary or constant?

Going to work is a burden. Talking to your colleagues doesn't appeal to you, or even stresses you out. You often say to yourself, "I don't like my job." You don't like your common offices/premises. You come home late – too late – every day of the week and the weekend is your salvation. Sound familiar?

If you experience one or more of these situations, pay attention to them and ask yourself. This is the best way to understand the problem and find a solution as quickly as possible. If you have personal problems (family, love, psychological, etc.), there is a chance that it will impact your relationship with work but that it will not be the source of the discomfort. In this case, think carefully about the different factors in your life and identify the one or those that could make you sad/uncomfortable, etc. If, after this introspection, you realize that your negative emotions are always (or mostly) related to your work environment and all that it entails, then that's a different story.

To leave or to stay?

Work can quickly become hellish if you don't act quickly. Whether it's for serious reasons – harassment of all kinds, pressure from your boss, intense stress – or a little less serious – just not liking your job (although all reasons are legitimate, no matter what anyone may tell you) – you have to take this feeling seriously. It's a signal from your body that you're reaching your limit soon (considering the fact that you haven't already reached it) and that you need to take charge of this problem. Being stressed on a daily basis can have particularly harmful effects on the physical (insomnia, loss of appetite, spasms, headaches, etc.) and on the mental (dark thoughts, depression, aggressiveness, etc.).

Once the problem is identified – your work in this case – you have to think about the future. What should I do? Leave at the risk of having money problems or stay at the risk of having health problems? Although life is more complicated than we would like, I have my answer to this question: health will always come first because it is priceless. Of course, in the society we live in, money is (sadly) more important than health. But then, how do you decide?

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Factors to consider

Reasons why you don't like your job

The first thing to do is to identify the reason(s) that put you off going to work. Colleagues? The place? The patron.ne? The tasks? If it's one or more of these reasons, consider reorienting yourself. There's no point in working if you're not passionate or, at the very least, you don't come out satisfied/happy. If you like everything except your desk, just consider asking to have it changed (or if you have any hardware shortcomings). Same if you love all but one of your colleagues (it happens to all of us). But if you don't like your boss, or your colleagues, you never have time for yourself/your loved ones, you are poorly paid, you don't like your tasks... Then, yes, reorientation is to be seriously considered.

The resulting symptoms

As mentioned earlier, not liking your job, especially if it causes a lot of stress, opens the door to many physical and mental symptoms. If your work makes you a little tired, it's normal, there are days that require more effort and times when you have mental and/or physical weaknesses for some personal reasons: it is therefore not (or should not be) a source of worry. But if you realize that you eat and sleep a lot less, that your sleep is restless/punctuated by nightmares, that you are aggressif.ve towards your loved ones/colleagues, that you are often in a sad/angry mood... You are better than that. Take care of yourself!

Your financial situation

Of course, a career change can be scary (Will I find a new job quickly? Will I like it? How do I deal with bills/rent in the meantime?). In case you are sure to leave your current job, check if you have enough savings to quit with peace of mind. If, for example, you're in the red, it would be unwise to leave your job impulsively (unless, again, your health requires it). If you have enough to pay at least two or three rents and to pay for the necessary expenses (groceries/bills), then go for it.

Each situation is unique and has unique solutions. Take care of yourself and your loved ones: nothing deserves to put yourself in these states. And remember, "I don't like my job" is not something to be taken lightly, so look into it.

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