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How to write a cover letter for an unsolicited application?

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Have you found the company of your dreams but it hasn't posted a job offer that suits you? The spontaneous application can then be very useful to introduce yourself to the human resources department and have the opportunity to join this company ! Indeed, the advantage of an unsolicited application is that you have no direct competitors. However, the challenge of this is to create a need, that of recruiting you within the company. To do this, your cover letter must be sufficiently memorable. In this article, we give you all our advice on how to make a successful cover letter for an unsolicited application!

  • Why send an unsolicited application?

While responding to job offers is the classic method of looking for a job, it is estimated that 70% of job offers are not published, this is known as the hidden job market. 

Indeed, since the publication of advertisements and the management of applications are time-consuming tasks for companies, they often rely on their network as well as a reserve of applications in case of positions to be filled. Thus, sending an unsolicited application will allow you to join the company's database and to be, who knows, contacted again if it opens a new position that suits you in the coming months!

The spontaneous application therefore allows you to make your way among the competition. Indeed, unlike the offers published on recruitment sites, your CV will not get lost among the dozens or even hundreds of other applications.

The advantage of applying spontaneously is also that with a bit of luck you could get ahead of a traditional recruitment if you apply for a job that the company was about to offer on a recruitment platform.

Finally, by sending an unsolicited application, you stand out from all those who have responded to an advertisement. You then appear isolated in the eyes of the recruiter and increase your chances of being noticed
In addition, submitting an unsolicited application is a time-consuming process (finding the company, finding out about it, writing your CV, your cover letter). The recruiter will then notice your determination to join the company, which may make you stand out from the crowd !

  • How to write a cover letter for an unsolicited application?

  1. Start by briefly introducing yourself

    To start your cover letter for an unsolicited application, explain your current professional situation in one sentence. Then, in a second sentence in a row, express your desire to join the company in question.

  2. Explain why you applied

    In the second paragraph, explain, in a few lines, the reasons that led you to submit your unsolicited application to the company. Be careful, take care to turn these motivations in a positive way to highlight your enthusiasm at the idea of starting a new adventure ! 

  3. Highlight the skills you've learned from your previous experiences

    In this third part of the letter, it's time to value the skills you may have acquired during your previous internships or jobs. Of course, make sure to value the skills that you consider useful for the position you are applying for, but also for the company's activities and projects. Indeed, when you send an unsolicited application, it is essential to identify the objectives of the company you want to join and to show that you have all the tools to be able to help it achieve them.  As said before, you have to create the need for society to recruit you, in short, to make you indispensable ! So, without sounding pretentious, show that you have identified the issues and that you have solutions to provide. Depending on the position, you can also talk about your soft skills, skills that are usually highly valued by recruiters !

  4. Why you and why this company ?

    After showcasing your skills, use this section to express, in a fourth paragraph, why the company should definitely hire you. Also cite the arguments that made it really within this company and not another that you see yourself working. Feel free to illustrate them with examples. For example, you can highlight the fact that you share the same values ! .

  5. Conclude your cover letter by requesting an interview

    To complete your cover letter for an unsolicited application, let it be known that you are available for an interview. Also, if you send your cover letter by email, don't forget to mention to the recruiter that they will find your CV attached to it. Finally, end your letter with a greeting and your signature.

  • Cover letter template for an unsolicited application

" Dear Madam/Sir,

Currently working as a [your current position] at [name of the company where you work], I would like to join a [position you're looking for]position. So, knowing the reputation of your company, I would like to contact you to offer you my spontaneous application because of the motivation and interest that drives me to join your team." 

Indeed, I am currently looking for new work opportunities that will allow me to grow professionally and bring my acquired knowledge to the positions I have held previously and during the internships I have completed. 

With my [years of experience] years of experience in [sector or field in which you have worked], I have been able to develop [name and explain] the skills you have developed.

Thus, I am convinced that I could contribute to the development and notoriety of [company name]. Working for your company would therefore be a real opportunity for me given that I strongly identify with the values advocated by [company name] and its commitments in [list the company's commitments]. 

To learn more about my professional background, you will find attached to this email my CV. Thank you very much for your consideration of my application. 

I sincerely hope that this will catch your attention and it would be a pleasure for me to meet you for an interview. 

While awaiting your reply, please accept, Madam, Sir, my respectful greetings.

[enter your first and last name] "

And that's it, all that's left to do is send your letter to the company of your dreams ! 

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