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How to succeed in your job interview by videoconference?

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Due to the current pandemic, recruiters have had to adapt to the situation by offering remote job interviews. It cannot be ruled out that companies will adopt this new process for some interviews after the health crisis. It can be very different from an interview at the company's premises. That's why we give you the keys to a successful job interview by videoconference.


Prepare the equipment in advance  

You've just learned that your job interview is taking place via videoconference. Although the purpose is the same, the shape is still very different.

To get started, your computer hardware needs to be ready. Test your software, which will allow you to exchange by videoconference (Teams, Zoom, Skype) and the link that has been sent to you. If the recruiter hasn't given you specific software, ask them. Check that your camera and microphone are working. Check if your connection is good enough, so that the image is of good quality and it doesn't cut.

Be sure to leave your computer on the mains and check that your phone has battery. Between these two tools, choose your computer, with your laptop, you will be likely to move which will not be pleasant for the recruiter. You can do several tests with someone you know to make sure everything works. There's nothing worse for the recruiter than a candidate who takes 15 minutes to log in because they haven't downloaded the right software or because they don't know how to turn on their camera.


Dress code 

When it comes to attire, just because you're staying at home doesn't mean you should forget to get ready. Dress as you would for a regular interview, prepare an outfit adapted to the type of interview you are going to have. If in the company's dress code you have to be dressed in a suit, put one even if you're at home.

And don't forget the bottom, you never know if you need to get up quickly for any reason.


Extracting information

When you go to a physical interview, you unconsciously evaluate a number of elements that are important for making a decision. If you don't have the opportunity to go there, be sure to ask about the neighborhood, whether it's easily accessible, or whether it's pleasant. If you have a car, ask if there is a car park or if there are designated spaces.

In addition, it is important to find out about the atmosphere in the company. You're likely to stay there for 9 hours a day, so that's a paramount element. Although this is subjective, you can already make a first impression with the recruiter. Take an interest in the premises: Is there a relaxation area? Is there something to snack on or have a coffee?... It's also interesting if you visualize your next workplace, how the space is organized, whether employees have space to work or if they are on top of each other.


To ensure that the interview goes as smoothly as possible

A videoconference interview is more reflective than when you move around the company. You have to keep in mind and take into account everything that will concern the conditions related to the smooth running of your interview. Be sure to isolate yourself so you are not disturbed by a sound environment. Make sure you don't have animals around that could distract you. Sit down so that no one can get behind you during the interview. If you apply from home, the recruiter will pay attention to these details.

Obviously, he wants you to be in good conditions to work. Therefore, reassure him by proving that you are in a calm environment and that you are well settled. Especially since even if you don't apply for a position exclusively from home, the Covid crisis has democratized this way of working. Companies have invested in software and hardware to this end. It is very likely that this new form of work will continue.

You also need to pay attention to your posture. Stand tall even if you're at home, don't slouch and try to show that you're dynamic in your tone of voice.

Finally, be on time, allow 10 minutes to settle everything before the interview as you would have done in person.


Simulate a job interview via video conference

Interviews are often stressful, by anticipating technical problems, you will be more focused on your speech. It's the adaptation and preparation that will make the difference.

To prepare and practice for video conference interviews, you can use a custom interview simulator. The interview is entirely virtual with an avatar who intervenes and gives you advice throughout the exchange. This tool is free and accessible to everyone!


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