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How to reconcile private life and teleworking?

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How do you disconnect from work... when you're working from home? Working from home has many qualities, but one of its biggest flaws is the lack of privacy. Luckily, after reading this article, you'll now know how to balance your private life with working from home!

Are you wondering how to fit in for your first telecommuting job?

Setting up a room dedicated to work

One of the advantages of telecommuting is being able to work from wherever you want: at home, in a park, in a café or in the Maldives ! As long as you have a good internet connection and complete all your tasks, this is no problem (especially if telecommuting corresponds to your professional expectations and desires). But, for some, it's hard to really tell the difference between work and relaxation, because your apartment/house now serves as your office! So, what to do?

If possible, find a room in which you will dedicate yourself to your job: you will get into the habit of working in that room only. This way, you will no longer associate your bedroom or living room – usually rest rooms – with the stress of work.

Notify your loved ones

Once you've done that (and taking into account the fact that you don't live alone), let your loved ones know! No matter who you live with, make sure they don't "disturb" you during your work hours. Thus, it will allow you to have a real separation between your private life and your job. If you're interrupted from time to time, get distracted, get up and/or talk while you're working, you'll quickly lose track of the separation between work and personal life. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you need to communicate your schedules, not do household chores during your job, etc.

Log out completely

The day is coming to an end: it's time to close your computer and disconnect completely. And when I say completely, it's for a reason! There is no question of quickly checking his emails or messages, or going back to see if you have sent that document that your colleague needed... If you get into the habit of it, you'll be working anytime, anywhere, never knowing how to balance private life and telecommuting.

Once your hours are over, so is work! Whether it's for lunch break, dinner, or whatever, when it's time to stop working, you don't have to. If you stay rigoureux.se and organized, you will be able to preserve your moments of relaxation and not work ten-hour days instead of eight.

Moreover, staying connected for so long in the long term (several hours a day, several days a week) is terribly bad for your health. So, when we also skip meals and breaks because we are too focused on work... It becomes problematic.

How can you avoid falling into burnout or bore-out because of teleworking?

Take time for yourself

Finally, the last piece of advice for reconciling private life and teleworking is to take time for yourself. Work can be exhausting and take energy away from you. If you're not paying attention and get too tired at work, it can even lead to depression (especially if you're working more hours than you need to because you're working from home). At the end of the day and on weekends, take the time to do activities that you enjoy and that relax you – sports, walking, reading, going out with friends, etc. As soon as possible, avoid spending your relaxing time on your computer and/or phone. You already spend enough time staring at a screen for hours!

Despite all this, you still malheureux.se at work... Maybe it's hiding something?


In short, to reconcile private life and teleworking, you need to know how to set limits for yourself and take time to relax and de-stress. Work has an important place in everyday life, but it should never take over our personal life!

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