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How to optimize your job search?

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Whether it's during studies (student job), after studies (first job) or in the middle of a career change (changing jobs for x reason), we all have to spend hours and days finding a job that suits us. But how do you optimize your job search?

You've found a job but you don't like it, what should you do?

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses

The first thing to do when you want to optimize your job search is to be prepared! How? Make a list of all your strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to have an overall idea of your strengths, weaknesses, skills to be perfected or improved! It can also narrow down your searches. If, for example, you have a very good grasp of social media, you may want to consider a career in it – if you like it.


Always in preparation, to be ready to optimize your job search, take care of yourself! There's no point in starting the research if you're not comfortable in your own skin – both physically and mentally. This will only slow down your searches (which you won't even do in the right mindset). But what do we mean by self-care?

First, sleep early. The world belongs to people who get up early – and rested. Having a good night's sleep means being ready to look for a job! Then, remember to eat properly – local products, organic food, balanced meals, etc. – and drink plenty of water. Finally, don't forget to do some sports! At least 30 minutes a day, every day. Why not take a walk in your neighborhood, or go for a bike ride?


No one can give their best without being positive. How can you have the energy to start an activity, whatever it is, if you don't believe in it? We can't say it enough on this blog: be positive! You can do it and you will do it. To optimize your job search, you need to know what you're worth (hence the list of strengths and areas for improvement). Remind yourself of your past successes, your talents, your strengths and remember that you got to where you are right now. It's thanks to your efforts that you made it! In short, don't hesitate, every morning, to encourage each other in your job search, just to start the day off right.

You can't avoid the stress of the first day of work, but how do you manage it?

Optimize your CV and Linkedin profile

Your CV and Linkedin profile are like your professional showcase : they allow recruiters to understand who you are, what you want from a job and what you can bring to it. As soon as possible, update your resume so that it is professional and original. Make sure to catch the recruiter's eye with an interesting visual, for example. The same goes for Linkedin: put all the information on your profile that can be relevant and useful.

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Remain open to all searches

Don't be picky with your professional research! Stay open to all potential opportunities. So don't focus on just one area you think you like. Who knows, maybe you'll find your dream job in a completely different field than you expected? Of course, your job searches must, at least a minimum, match your interests and/or skills. But, sometimes, life is full of surprises!

Stay actif.ve

To optimize your job search, you have to be actif.ve! Your search will be ineffective if you only apply once or twice every six months... As soon as you have the energy (i.e. every day because, let's not forget, you take care of yourself properly!), apply as much as possible. Stay actif.ve several days a week and jump on opportunities as soon as possible. This will reduce the number of vacancies and you'll be more likely to find a job you like. Also, don't hesitate to ask around: maybe former colleagues, friends, family, etc., could help you find a job!

Organize your time

Last but not least, organization is key! Keep a diary and note your progress and advancements whenever you search/apply for a job. You will have a follow-up of all the companies you have applied to, their (potential) responses, the interviews you have had, etc. This will allow you to see things more clearly. Being regular and organized is a way to motivate yourself in your job search.


You have everything you need to make your job search go very smoothly, but, to optimize it as much as possible, do not hesitate to follow our advice. You'll see the difference!

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