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How to make a successful career change?

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Do you want to re-orient yourself or change careers? The weight of routine, stress, inactivity, lack of meaning, the need for more flexibility, better pay... There are many reasons to change careers. Before making your decision, it is important to assess your current situation and weigh the pros and cons. Here are some tips to make a successful career change, in the most serene way!

Identify the reasons for retraining

That's it, you've decided or you feel the desire to build a new professional project. Butterfly minute! What are the reasons that push you to change careers? Have you thought long enough or is it just a sudden urge for a change of scenery? Take the time to become aware of the triggers that lead you to a desire to change careers. Sometimes it's just a rough patch to overcome. On the other hand, if the idea has been in your head for months, it is surely because your malaise at work is well anchored and needs to be resolved! So, get a pen and a piece of paper, and list the causes of it.

Define what matters to you

Once you've identified the causes of the change, think about what's essential for you in your future job. What do you want to find that you don't have in your current position? What do you need right now? Going back to school to aspire to a job of your dreams? Do you want to make a living from your passion? Start your own business? In other words, define your ideal job and the elements that would allow you to flourish at work. This is a necessary step in order to succeed in professional retraining.

Take stock of your skills

What can I do? What do I need to excel in my new job or training? This is the3rd step! Analyzing your strengths and areas for improvement by comparing them with the company's needs will allow you to clarify your situation. For example, enjoying working in a team is a highly sought-after criterion by companies. After the Covid-19 crisis, we also realized that flexibility and adaptability were two important qualities. Make a list of your skills, especially don't neglect soft skills , which are fundamental, or even more important in business. Read here about the most sought-after soft skills by companies in 2021.

After this introspection, also ask for the opinion of colleagues, superiors or people who know you professionally. They can help you identify your strengths.

The skills assessment will allow you to do several things:

  • Take a step back from your situation
  • Open up to new career opportunities
  • Develop self-confidence and become aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Mature your professional project
  • Optimize your job search

Choosing the right training

Redirecting one's career sometimes requires the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. To put the odds on your side, you can take training courses that will guarantee your success. For example, opt for online training, webinars or conferences that can be followed at any time during your free time.

Define an action plan

Redirecting your career is a decision not to be taken lightly. Like any good project, it is recommended to have an action plan in place. The latter brings together various elements such as the dates to be respected, registration for a training course, possible financial aid, resignation from your current position, requests to the employer, etc.

Your plan doesn't have to be perfect from the start, you can reshape it at any time. On the other hand, it will help you to see more clearly in your retraining. You'll know what you're getting into and know the steps you need to complete before you get started.


Taking the plunge despite the uncertainty means taking your courage in both hands and being in control of your choices! There are sometimes as many risks in not daring as there are in taking the plunge. Doing nothing when something no longer suits us can also have consequences. It's accepting that you're no longer in control of your life. So if an inner voice is asking you to act, listen to it ! You will only be able to grow from it.


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