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How to get a successful CV to get an interview?

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When looking for a job or internship, the CV is a determining factor in landing a job interview. This is what will make a recruiter want to meet you or not. Getting your resume right will give your reader the best first impression, and increase your chances of landing a job. This is because it is important to craft an eye-catching resume that will show your qualities and skills in a professional manner.

This week, Meet My Job offers you concrete solutions to make your CV a success!


1. Make a resume based on your field.

First of all, one of the basic rules for a successful resume is to make it according to the field in which you are applying.

Indeed, the expectations in terms of your CV will not be the same whether in the fields of communication, finance, or even construction.

Nevertheless, your CV must be attractive. Even if you're looking for a job/internship in an industry that doesn't require you to be creative, your resume should stand out from the rest. This way, you will have a better chance that the recruiter will be sensitive to it and will be interested in your profile.

It's possible to create a beautiful resume without necessarily knowing how to master Indesign or Photoshop. Indeed, there is free and easy-to-use software.

The most well-known of these is certainly Canva, which allows everyone to produce a beautiful resume without worrying about it. In addition, the site also has many pre-designed resume templates that provide inspiration!


2. Make your resume clear and airy!

Secondly, and we can't say it enough: your CV must be clear and airy!

When you design your resume and add the essential information, you tend to want to put too much. Indeed, we always want to include all our experience, skills and qualities.

Always remember that the recruiter must be able to identify you in 30 seconds or less. A CV that is too dense and with too much information is detrimental to its readability and does not make the recruiter want to dwell on it. In addition, if you don't select the essentials, the recruiter may think that you lack the ability to synthesize, or even that you are messy.

A CV must therefore fit on one page and be airy: favour spaces, delimit the different parts of your CV. You need to gain clarity and let the text breathe!

An interesting exercise is to put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter and imagine having to read a CV.  Ask yourself, then, how would you react to reading a CV that is too dense? Is it enjoyable for you to read it or not?

This simple question lets you know if your resume is clear enough.


3. Put a professional photo!

Generally speaking, resumes contain a photo of the candidate because recruiters always like to see who they are dealing with and put a face to a name.

That's why it's important to put a photo on your resume. However, if putting a photo seems obvious, the type of photo is important.

Of course, you should choose a photo that makes you stand out, but avoid looking too casual on this one. No more selfies in the mirror, no more photos at the beach or in the evening with friends.

Remember, the recruiter is not your best friend. He doesn't want or need to see that kind of picture of you.

It only wants to know at first glance if you look professional. So choose a simple photo, with a neutral background, and dressed in a decent way but not too stuffy. Don't hesitate to smile as well, the recruiter will appreciate it and will be able to catch a glimpse of your personality!

Finally, choose a quality photo that is not pixelated. The recruiter may print your resume for an interview. It is therefore important to know that a photo that is already pixelated on the computer will look even worse when printed.

So take a picture preferably with a quality camera. Or even better, if you can afford it, go through a professional studio photo shoot!


4. Select your information carefully.

It is not necessary to put all your professional experience to succeed in your resume and keep it airy. However, it is important for you to carefully select the information you want to convey to the recruiter.

It is therefore necessary to prioritize your experiences: Highlight those that are directly related to the type of position you want. Your most meaningful experience should be highlighted.

This way, the recruiter will be able to observe the consistency of your CV and professional experience for your internship/job application.


5. Focus on soft skills too!

Your professional experience, theoretical knowledge and technical skills are not everything. It's also a good idea to skilfully highlight your personal qualities in your CV.

Indeed, more and more recruiters are recruiting people with strong soft skills, human skills that are important for the company!

Also, depending on the position you're applying for, try to find out what people qualities are most often in demand. Knowing them and filling them in your resume will allow the recruiter to see that you have the human prerequisites for the position.


6. Don't hesitate to add little extras!

Finally, it is always interesting when you send your CV by email to insert additional documents to prove your expertise.

Let's say you're applying for a job in graphic design or communications. In these cases, it may be interesting to send a portfolio with your various achievements. If it's a writing position, you can forward the link to the articles you've written!

This way, the recruiter can directly see the quality of your work and project themselves directly with you into their team. What's more, it also shows your involvement and willingness to join a company!


To conclude, it can be said that creating a proper resume is not an easy task. You have to know how to stand out to hope to get an interview. The points mentioned in this article may seem trivial, but in reality make it easier to integrate into the workforce by being noticed more easily by potential employers. By following these tips, you will be able to show your seriousness and determination.

Now that you have all the keys in hand, all you have to do is gather your information and move on to writing. Getting your resume right has never seemed so easy!


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