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How to convince during a job interview?

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That's it! You've landed a job interview, congratulations to you. Now it's time to prove yourself and prove yourself convincingly. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to arm oneself with certain rhetorical devices in order to be assertive. Stress and ill-prepared interviews be damned, here are our tips on how to triumph in your next interview.

Be confident during the interview

We can't say it enough, but it's essential: have confidence in yourself and your skills. While the hiring process itself can be stressful and uncertain, remember that you are one of the main players in it. So, take responsibility and face this new challenge with ardor.  In addition, it is important to arrive at the interview with a good mindset. Generally, it can be advised to get up early and take the time to prepare a good breakfast, give your body the necessary resources to be in top shape. In order to unwind, plan a workout after the interview or even a walk near your home. Exercise will do you a world of good and it's a great way to release pressure (find here the 7 benefits of walking).


Be true to your values, your habits and trust yourself. You've landed this appointment and for that reason alone: be proud! Once you have finished reading this article, we invite you to discover our tips to prepare for a potential second interview because it is a recursive step in the hiring process.

The Nine Commandments

There are also a few important aspects to consider, such as your public speaking skills and assertiveness. During your job interview, the exchanges with your interviewer will have to follow certain rules so that the conversation is as relevant and productive as possible. The smooth running of a conversation depends in part on you, it is important to be aware of this in order to avoid any awkwardness on the day. In fact, it is essential to remember certain rules that guarantee the quality of a discussion.

Indeed, according to the British linguist Paul Grice, the smooth running of a discussion responds to nine conversational maxims, which can be classified into four categories: quantity, quality, relationship and manner. These maxims are based on a principle of cooperation, which is inherent in public debate and therefore in the conversations that make it up. 

Conversational maxims

First of all, quantity maxims are about the hold and length of your exchange. According to Grice, our contribution to the conversation should contain as much information as is required and should contain no more information than is required. In other words, don't get lost in trivial and counterproductive details: off-topic is your enemy. In short, say everything you need to say and limit yourself to that.

Then, quality maxims encompass the substance of your conversation, the words you are saying. These maxims state that we should never assert what we believe to be false and what we lack evidence for. Lying has no place in a serious job interview. Of course, don't put forward things that you can't prove, it could backfire one day. However, don't forget to mention something that is important to you.

Given the merits of what you need to share, you also need to consider the third category, the maxim of relationship. She maintains that your assertions must be judicious: be relevant. Your answers should echo the question you are talking to, and vice versa. Respond appropriately, keeping the main topic at the center of your thinking.

Finally, we can add maxims in a way that consolidates the basis of our argument. First, avoid expressing yourself in obscure ways. Don't leave your interlocutor in the dark, the acuity of your words depends on you and they are of paramount importance. In other words, leave nothing to chance and forbid any innuendo. Also, Grice tells us: avoid being ambiguous. This seventh maxim complements the previous one and reinforces the importance of expressing oneself accurately. Finally, let us conclude with "be brief" and "be methodical". These two maxims hold that your speech must be rigorously thought out and constructed. Limit yourself to what is necessary and build your argument methodically.

Public speaking skills at the centre of hiring

In the future, we hope that you will take into consideration these rules that are the basis of conversational cooperation. They will guide you in your argument and help make your words relevant. Because during a job interview, even if your resume says a lot, you should not skimp on highlighting your personality and presenting your values and assets in an advantageous (but faithful) way. To do this, developing your public speaking skills is a formidable weapon that will best prepare you for your professional future and the inevitable job interviews you will face. So, arm yourself accordingly to be ready for your next interview, maybe even landed with the help of Meet My Job, you never know: discover our job offers.


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