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How can we reduce our ecological footprint easily?

Image de présentation de l'article How can we reduce our ecological footprint easily?

" I'd like to change things, but I don't have enough power to do that ." Sound familiar? Well, know that you can make a difference! In order to reduce our ecological footprint easily, there are certain habits to adopt on a daily basis.

To have a positive impact, you could also choose to have a meaningful job!

Avoiding polluting sites

We spend most of our time on the internet and social media. To talk with friends, to learn, to work, to discover new music... And, to make this navigation even more enjoyable, avoid certain sites! Indeed, some online platforms are much more polluting than others.

To take an example, Reddit, an American social news website, is considered, according to a ranking by Uswitch, as the most polluting site, with 13g of carbon released for each unique visit! Behind it, we can mention Pinterest, with 12.43g, and Nintendo, with 11.43g (bearing in mind that the list includes 25 sites and platforms in all). However, Uswitch also lists the cleanest sites (and therefore those that you can use without having too large an ecological footprint). We can mention, among others, Wikipedia, with 0.04g of carbon released, or Linkedin, with 0.23g.

Once you have read this list, and avoided the most polluting sites, on a daily basis, your ecological footprint will simply decrease.

Reduce your water and electricity consumption

We say it and we will always say it: to reduce our carbon footprint easily, we must consume responsibly! That is?

First, pay attention to your electricity consumption. Don't turn on the light when you're not in a room, or when there is enough natural light. Also, don't leave devices (or chargers) plugged in if you're not using them.

Then, take showers instead of baths. This will result in significantly fewer litres of fuel in the long run. Also turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, hands, and when washing dishes. In short, if you don't actively use light and/or water, we turn everything off/off!

Do you know these other daily gestures to preserve the planet?

Favor reusable objects

Here's a good way to avoid waste! Whenever you can, invest in reusable items. Water bottle, bag, menstrual panties... Avoid single-use items at all costs (unless it's really necessary).

For example, you might opt for a reusable cotton swab (bearing in mind that millions of single-use cotton swabs are thrown away every year). The same goes for the water bottle: why use a new plastic water bottle every time, when you could always use the same container, thus conserving many resources?

Reduce your meat consumption

It's no secret that the meat industry is extremely polluting. Numbers speak louder than words: 41% of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to livestock farming. Indeed, this industry is responsible, among other things, for deforestation (to maintain fields to feed livestock) and an incredible consumption of water. It has been proven time and time again that reducing meat consumption is an effective and simple way to combat global warming.

If we want to reduce our ecological footprint easily, we need to move towards flexitarianism ! This is the best progressive alternative to help the environment. Rather than immediately switching from an omnivorous diet to a strict vegetarian – or even vegan – diet (which would cause deficiencies if you don't eat properly), gradually remove meats and deli meats from your menu. In this way, you will take care of the planet in the long term... and your health (because meat is also carcinogenic and responsible for cardiovascular diseases)!

To fight against deforestation, why not plant trees from your home?

Getting around by public transport

Finally, to reduce your carbon footprint effectively, use public transport! Buses, trams, trains, etc. Cars have a negative impact on the environment in several ways: CO² emissions, use of resources (plastic, metal, etc.), electricity consumption for electric cars, etc. So, as soon as possible, leave your car in the garage and move responsibly.

Doctors recommend exercising at least 30 minutes a day. So, to respect this need, you could also, for shorter distances, take the bike, which has many advantages. Or you could also take up walking, which is still a very healthy activity!


In short, to reduce our ecological footprint easily, we just need to take over certain habits on a daily basis. We have the power to make a difference!

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