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How can I save water on a daily basis?

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On average, each Belgian consumes 96 litres of water per day for their daily needs. This is a staggering figure when you consider that 11% of the world's population does not have access to drinking water. Among the daily activities that consume the most water are baths, showers and sinks (36%), flushing toilets (31%) and laundry (12%). How can I save water on a daily basis? Here are some tips to save water, reduce your ecological impact, and finally, do your wallet good!

Taking a shower instead of a bath

Logical, you might say... But not everyone applies it! A bath requires between 150 and 200 liters of water, while a short shower (by turning off the water while soaping up) requires about 20 liters. In addition to saving water, less energy is also consumed because the shower requires less water to be heated. Finally, choosing an economical shower head will allow you to save a lot of money, both in water and energy. Take a look at the label on the shower head that shows the flow rate/minute.

And if you want to go even greener, there's nothing better than the washbasin with less than 10 litres of water!

Limit water wastage by flushing the toilet

First, in order to save water, you can replace the toilet flush with a two-button flush. One for small hunts (3L) and one for larger ones (6L). You can't necessarily change your toilet flush entirely? So we opt for the D system with a little trick that will do its job! Place one or two closed bottles filled with water in your toilet tank. By occupying part of the tank space, the bottle will reduce water consumption with each refill. That's about 1L and a half of water saved with each use of the toilet flush! Convenient, isn't it?

Keeping an eye out for water leaks

A water leak can have dramatic consequences on your water consumption. According to Ademe, a leaky toilet flush can consume more than 600 liters of water per day. Keep an eye out for anything that tastes! To find out if your home has leaks, read your water meter. Compare with two periods when you don't consume water; For example, before bed and the next morning. If the numbers on the meter are different, there is probably a leak!

Use rainwater

Recovering water that flows from your gutters into basins could save you gallons of water. This is to be used to water your plants, your vegetable garden, wash your car, do the cleaning, etc.

It is also possible to install a rainwater harvesting system that feeds your toilets, washing machines and other machines that do not require drinking water.

Opt for energy-efficient equipment

Old appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines usually require an excessive amount of water. Look for A-rated appliances that require less water. And of course, we only use them once they're filled!

There you go! 5 tips that will allow you to save water on a daily basis and reduce your energy bills. In order to determine your water consumption, many water consumption calculators exist online. Don't hesitate to make an estimate!

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