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Ecology: the materials of tomorrow

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When it comes to ecology, materials and objects that have a positive impact on the climate are often in the news. These innovations include straws made from recycled plastic, bamboo cutlery, and eco-friendly building materials (using less water, etc.). They are already an integral part of our society, so we can ask ourselves what future ideas will contribute to a more sustainable future. From new alternatives to concrete to a zero-waste cutlery solution: an overview of Belgian sustainable innovations.

Sustainability Goal

In the world of innovations, there is no shortage of initiatives. They serve to counter outdated models that no longer have a place in 2022. The first targets are, of course, utensils and single-use objects: straws, cups, cutlery, etc. The latter have also been banned from sale in Belgium, for obvious reasons. Many entrepreneurs then turned to other solutions to reduce the ecological cost of these problems as much as possible.

More than ever, sustainability is at the heart of the debate. Nowadays, it seems unthinkable to design an object of everyday life without taking into consideration its impact. It's a long-term job that probably doesn't have a perfect solution. Innovations are directly correlated with advances in terms of research, discoveries, etc. As long as science continues to proliferate, progress will not be stopped. Moreover, there is no real reason for the latter to be abruptly interrupted or even slowed down. We can therefore adequately envision the future of innovations that directly contribute to a more sustainable world. Ecology is achieved through research and the innovations that result from it. 

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Ecology and construction

Among the future agents of change, we may not think directly of building materials. However, the world of construction is also in tune with climate change. For example, concrete is a material that requires a lot of water and sand to make. Ubiquitous in our homes and cities, it is an almost indispensable element in construction. However, considering its harmful impact (in intensive use), it is normal that researchers have turned to more responsible solutions. It is from this observation that Bento was born. Three architects are behind this project, which aims to replace traditional concrete with bricks made from mycelium.

Bento's motto is: "Imagine a city that produces instead of consuming". The idea is that instead of using other limited resources to build our cities, we use a solution that naturally emanates from them. Bento's production is based on live, bio-sourced and zero-waste mushrooms to become, after processing, a solid material. This initiative aims to make the sector much more responsible, as it is one of the main players in the production of waste, consumption of raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Single-use but zero waste

In our habits, the use of cutlery is relatively commonplace, we will agree. But when we're on the road, that's where it gets complicated. This is what the two entrepreneurs behind Ecopoon based their thinking on. Indeed, it was during a festival they were attending that they had a light bulb moment when they saw the amount of plastic on the ground. The two people from Liège then came up with the idea of an alternative to plastic cutlery: make it edible. In this way, the utensil becomes zero-waste. After use, all we have to do is enjoy our spoon! In addition, Ecopoon products are made with local flours. Zero-waste and local, one thing is certain: Ecopoon is on the right track.

Innovation and ecology: a virtuous circle

The current context is alarming, that's a fact. We need to change our consumption habits in the coming years. For this, a horde of scientists, entrepreneurs and other changemakers are here to help us. A more responsible and sustainable world requires a change in the actors that make it up. Ecology is underpinned by innovation, which it is hoped will always be a key element. The future of our planet and the climate depends on our actions, let's help preserve them.


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