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Ecology: 3 sectors that innovate for the environment

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The ecological issue, which is becoming more and more important, explains the countless innovations that are emerging in various sectors. We are inventive in areas as surprising as events or composting. Entrepreneurs and engineers are not short of ideas to make the green shift. Let's take a closer look at 3 sectors that have decided to act and innovate for the environment.

Events industry

The events industry is generally not the sector known for its eco-responsibility. Gathering a large volume of people usually generates a significant amount of waste. However, recent actions show a growing interest among event industry players in safeguarding the environment. Some companies, such as the non-profit organisation Pastoo , even make raising awareness of ecology one of their main missions. Whether it's during Bucolic Brussels, the car-free day event, or Namur in May, the fairground arts festival, the public is always there. However, even event companies that do not seem to be doing anything about sustainability are now committed to the environment. The ISO 20121 tool was designed to serve as a standard to minimize the effects that an event can have on the planet. In general, measures to limit the negative impact on the environment are put in place, for example water saving, rational waste management or the promotion of public transport. In fact, the recent exit from Covid has not been the only opportunity for renewal for the events sector.

Construction sector

While the events industry is in its infancy in terms of ecology, the construction industry has already addressed the issue. In fact, there is an expression to describe sustainable housing: "eco-construction". Indeed, constructing a building generates significant greenhouse gas emissions. Already the largest consumer of energy, consumption in this sector has nevertheless increased by 20% in 30 years. The emergence of eco-construction therefore responds to a need. By promoting sustainable housing and other real estate projects, eco-construction allows new innovations to emerge. IsoHemp, one of our partner companies, is well established in this market. The choice of hemp as an eco-friendly material is what explains their status as innovators. Combined with lime and a good dose of water, IsoHemp's invention is a real "green brick". Not only does it provide better thermal comfort, but it also drastically reduces the volume of carbon emissions. Hemp is one of the bio-based materials that have little impact on the environment like wood. Increasingly used, these low-emission materials represent innovations in the construction sector.

Composting sector

Is composting aesthetically pleasing and odourless? Well, now it can be with GreenzyAn innovative indoor composter, this invention of the Belgian start-up is the winner of BeCircular 2021. To use it, simply add your organic waste to the composter, turn the cranks a few times and let it sit. After two months, the waste becomes compost. The application developed by Greenzy then informs the user and he can thus retrieve his potting soil. The app also sends a notification to the user when the potting soil is too wet or dry, when the potting soil needs to be emptied or when the compost needs to be mixed. Innovating in the field of compost, which is still little known to the general public, is essential since we all produce waste on a daily basis. This waste often ends up in the trash when it could be reinjected into the natural cycle. Putting on sale and therefore promoting innovations such as Greenzy's indoor composter will help make compost more mainstream. One small step for composting, one giant leap for humanity!

The events, construction and composting sectors, although they have few similarities between them, have all decided to move up a gear for the protection of the environment. Through innovation, they act at their own level to have an ever more positive impact on the planet.


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