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Consuming responsibly: 6 places to visit in Brussels!

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Are you concerned about preserving the planet and want to adopt responsible consumption? Use of local products, zero waste approach, ethical fashion: we give you 6 eco-responsible addresses to visit in Brussels.


Newtree Chocolate Café

The Newtree Chocolate Café is a 100% organic, eco-friendly and carbon-neutral café restaurant, located on Place du Luxembourg in Brussels.

It offers organic drinks and snacks with a wide range of vegetarian products. Coming from local producers, the products are healthy and of high quality. Eat responsibly by eating in or taking away.

Specialising in chocolate, you can compose your own recipe within the establishment, which will be made by a master chocolatier in less than 20 minutes.

The restaurant is committed to offsetting the impact generated by its activity by planting trees in cocoa bean-producing areas.

Salle de café-restaurant pour consommer responsable

"People are increasingly concerned about their food, their health and nature. Many of us want to do something about it, but we don't always know how. The Newtree Chocolate Café wants to enable everyone to eat well while respecting both their health and the environment."

Benoît de Bruyn, founder and CEO of Newtree




Yuman village

Magasin Yuman Village pour une consommation responsable

Yuman Village is a unique space of 1200 m² in the heart of Brussels, which offers eco-designed objects, made from recycled materials or from natural materials.

Brussels start-ups, Belgian and European entrepreneurs come together and offer clothes, gifts, cosmetics and zero waste solutions in one place. With Yuman village, it is possible to have responsible consumption and a positive impact on the planet. Ane-shop is also available, offering a selection of responsible and circular products. Delivery takes place anywhere in Belgium.




Bel Mundo

Salle de restaurant Bel Mundo Bel Mundo is an eco-friendly restaurant that highlights healthy and tasty cuisine. It recycles unsold goods and uses short circuits. It has a 1500 m² vegetable garden, where the vegetables served are harvested. In addition, the restaurant is also part of a social economy. Indeed, it employs people in training who have difficulty finding work. In this way, they acquire concrete knowledge and skills. The restaurant aims to be eco-friendly right down to the décor, which has been designed from recycled pallet wood.




The Wild Lab

Salle de café-restaurant et boutique pour consommer responsableThe Wild Labis the combination of Wild Food and Everybody Agrees in one brick-and-mortar store. It is an ethical concept store designed as a café/restaurant/boutique that allows responsible consumption of fashion and healthy food. In the food corner, you will find healthy and innovative dishes on the menu, made with local, gluten-free, ethically sourced and seasonal ingredients. In the clothing corner, you will find ethical and original pieces.





The Local

Salle et comptoir du restaurant Le Local

"From the field to the plate and from the plate to the field" is the credo of the restaurant Le Local. The restaurant is part of the circular economy and responsible consumption with a zero waste approach. The restaurant is committed to cooking 80% of local products from short circuits. They favor seasonal products according to the producers' arrivals. Plus, they cook creatively so they don't throw anything away. In addition, the restaurant has been awarded the Good Food label, which aims to support restaurants that are committed to a sustainable approach.





Zone industrielle avec une piste de skateboard en bois

Located in the heart of Ixelles, See U is now the largest temporary occupation in Belgium, synonymous with social and sustainable innovation, learning and experimentation. In the heart of Ixelles, See U is located on a 45,000 m2 site, on the site of the former Fritz Toussaint gendarmerie barracks in Ixelles. Today, it is an ecosystem that brings together more than 100 project leaders.




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