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Atypical profile: a strength for the company?

Image de présentation de l'article Atypical profile: a strength for the company?

For several years now, the term "atypical profile" has been emerging in the recruitment world.

An "atypical" profile, as opposed to a "conventional" profile, is a profile that falls outside the norms established for a given job: a candidate you simply wouldn't have thought of for the job you're offering.

Recruiters are still afraid to recruit someone who breaks the codes. This is too often associated with instability and an ever-changing mind.

However, recruiting an atypical profile can be an interesting choice for your company. Indeed, it can present skills and a global vision that will have a more positive impact on the company.

This week, Meet My Job explains why hiring an atypical profile can be beneficial!


1. He's looking for meaning more than a situation.

To begin with, an atypical profile is a person in search of meaning. It will mainly focus on the nature of the job rather than on the rational attractions (salary, development possibilities, various benefits, etc.).

Their disjointed and sometimes messy career paths are proof of this. They are looking for a job that aligns with their personal values and vision for the company.

This type of profile is interesting for recruiters because they are willing to make some concessions if the missions suit them.


2. They have a different outlook on your business.

A person with an atypical profile has a different background than a conventional profile: he or she is an individual who thinks outside the box and has a varied professional background.

Having held various different positions, an atypical profile will have a different vision of the job and the position for which he or she is applying.

So this is someone who is more likely to have a fresh set of eyes on your business. They will be able to show curiosity and open-mindedness, personal qualities that are highly appreciated by recruiters!

In addition, with his different professional experiences, he will be able to provide useful advice and areas for improvement to his colleagues.


3. It's more likely to be versatile.

As we have mentioned, an atypical profile has a professional background marked by training and various work experiences . This specificity distinguishes it from a conventional profile.

He has been able to acquire many skills during his professional life. He is therefore able to occupy a position that requires him to be versatile and to have several strings to his bow!

A real Swiss Army knife that will be more rewarding for the company than a candidate who has a very long experience in a single equivalent position.


4. It fits more easily.

One of the most interesting qualities in an atypical profile is adaptability. Indeed, having experienced many sectors of activity and professions, they are able to adapt more easily to the requirements of a position.

Secondly, an atypical profile is able to learn quickly and acquire new skills.

This is a particularly useful quality in a rapidly changing job market!


5. He's highly motivated.

Trying to convince recruiters who are sometimes skeptical to recruit him, the atypical profile must show greater motivation.

Indeed, this one does not have a classic background. So he has to prove his skills and show that he is an asset to the company.

In addition, they apply for a job offer that is outside their traditional field of expertise. This proves that he likes to take on challenges and wants to discover a new job.


6. He's a real driving force for his team.

With his varied professional background, the atypical profile has experienced many situations, both good and bad, in different fields, different companies and in different positions.

He is therefore better able to share his experience with his colleagues and help them find the right solutions, support them in the interest of the company!


7. It's simply unique.

Finally, hiring an atypical profile means having a person with a different profile from other employees within your team. Indeed, a successful company is one that manages to capitalize on the skills, experiences and differences of its employees. If the latter is composed only of conventional profiles, it will have more difficulty in dealing with an unexpected situation .

Indeed, these profiles would in fact have similar reactions and solutions to this situation.

Having an atypical profile in your team would make it possible to break this homogeneity and bring a different vision and new ways of proceeding.


Now you know what an atypical profile can bring to your team! However, always remember that it is best to recruit a candidate who matches what you are looking for and whose profile inspires you. They must be willing to move forward with you to maximize your company's chances of success !


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