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Applying for a job offer: questions to ask yourself

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That's it, you're looking at an attractive job offer. The prospect of a permanent contract shouldn't make you rush headlong! Before applying for a future position, make sure you know where you're going and which company you'll be stepping into! In this article, we have identified 5 questions for you to ask yourself before applying for a future job.

Can you see yourself in the company?

The more you know about the company, the more you can imagine yourself working alongside them. It is therefore important to gather information on the company's values, the teams, the atmosphere that reigns there, the work environment, etc. This information should be sought beforehand and of course, do not hesitate to ask these questions during the interviews in order to clarify certain grey areas. The interview is first and foremost a dialogue that will allow you to find out if the company is compatible with your expectations.

Knowing the company, yes, but not only! It is fundamental to know yourself before accepting any type of position. What type of business are you most comfortable with: small SMEs, internationally renowned companies? What is your motivation based on: salary, challenge, good relationships with the team, work-life balance? This introspective work is essential if you want to flourish in your future position.

Why this job offer?

Applying for a job out of opportunity, discouragement, or other practical reasons should be avoided at all costs. Instead, ask yourself what the position can do for you: broaden your skills, discover a new sector, gain responsibility, grow professionally, work in a team, etc. In short, you have to ask yourself if the position in question is in line with your professional project and your background!

Take a closer look at the description of the offer and the proposed missions. Are they stimulating enough to guarantee your professional fulfillment? Are there any limits to your skills? The challenge is certainly important, but you still need to know if the missions described are within your ropes.

Have you measured the constraints of the job offer?

The missions presented are attractive, as is the company. Don't rush! There are other things to consider. Hours, work rhythm, the possibility of teleworking, the geographical distance between your workplace and your home, the conditions of remuneration... These are all elements to consider in order to find the right balance between your desires and your professional obligations.

What is the turnover in your position?

Some positions have a high turnover: employees do not occupy the position for long. The reasons can be diverse, but it is interesting to look into the matter. This is more difficult to obtain, but you can, for example, ask people who have already held the position before you. For example, you can find them on professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Your application at a glance: is it relevant?

If, after asking yourself all these questions, you are still interested in this position, it is time to take stock of your application! Before applying, make sure that your CV and cover letter are aligned with the tasks and expectations described in the offer. Whether it's in terms of your skills or your interpersonal skills, make changes to your resume to maximize your chances of being selected. Personalization is always welcome because it shows your motivation and interest in the company! It might seem like a waste of time, but by sending well-crafted and hyper-personalized applications, you're more likely to land an interview. In the end, it's a huge time saver!

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