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8 Everyday Items to Go Green

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We can all deal with climate change, in our own way and at our own pace. It is possible to change a lot of things with a simple change of habits. Here are the 8 objects to be eco-friendly on a daily basis!


Let's start with the unmissable! The water bottle is the essential accessory to reduce waste. Rather than using a new plastic water bottle (or other sugary drink that is not recommended) every day, it is better to fill your water bottle directly. Just wash it and take care of it and it can last you for years! No more unnecessary use of polluting plastic. And, even if a lot of water bottles on the market can be expensive, you can find a water bottle for 5-10€ in several stores or on the internet!

Reusable bag

When we go shopping, we very often need bags to carry them. That's where the reusable bag comes in! A reusable bag is often inexpensive (a few euros max) and it helps to curb the waste of many plastic bags. That's right, a single bag can be used for months or even years! It's cheap and very convenient, so why hesitate?

Boxes/bags for meals

Wrapping your lunch for work/class in foil or cling film, it's over! To be eco-friendly on a daily basis, you're going to need a reusable box/bag . What for? Because it's a simple way to take care of the planet! So, every time you have to pack/transport your meal, you just have to use your box/bag, and wash it once you get home.

Handkerchiefs/Cotton pads/Reusable cotton swabs

Innovative and eco-friendly, the reusable cotton swab is a must to have to reduce waste and excess waste. Did you know that a single reusable, washable and effective cotton swab can replace up to 1000 disposable cotton swabs ? It's not just a saving for the planet (fewer resources needed, etc.) but also for the wallet! Imagine: 1000 disposable cotton swabs saved, in the long run, is a small amount.

There are also alternatives for reusable tissues – which can replace up to 3000 normal disposable tissues. This is a radical and easy change to make, for the environment and for the future of us all!

Not to mention the reusable cotton pads, which can replace up to 1750 single-use cotton pads. Every time you remove your makeup, or apply a cream/treatment with these reusable cotton pads, you will have the opportunity to reduce waste simply and effortlessly!

And, of course, all of them are, once unusable, completely biodegradable!

Reusable straws

Then, in the same vein, we can mention reusable straws! Made of stainless steel, silicone, bamboo or metal, they will allow you to sip your favorite drinks while being environmentally friendly!

Every year, 1 billion plastic straws are thrown away. This is obviously a disaster for the environment, but one that is completely preventable with the adoption of reusable straws. A simple, ecological gesture that is terribly important in the long term.

In addition, these straws are very easy to wash thanks to a small brush head.

Menstrual panties

Period panties are becoming more and more popular, and they are well worth it! Many brands offer (at different prices) panties for light, medium and heavy flow. It is an excellent alternative to conventional sanitary products (pads, tampons, etc.). In fact, in addition to being better for the skin (because they don't contain chemicals like the usual protections), they are much better for the environment! No need to do the math: menstrual panties can last up to 12 hours and are washable. A tampon or pad, on the other hand, lasts less hours than that and should be discarded after a single use. Menstrual panties can also be used between 5 and 7 years old!

Bamboo toothbrush

It is generally advised by dentists to change your toothbrush every 3 months. Over the course of a year, this equates to 4 plastic toothbrushes to throw away. If you multiply that number by billions of people... That's a very large number of toothbrushes thrown away! And where do they end up? In landfills and/or oceans, where they cannot be recycled. How can we compensate for this waste?

The answer is simple: the bamboo toothbrush! In addition to being a natural antibacterial (naturally better than the classic toothbrush), it is more easily recyclable! It also doesn't need any chemicals to be made and can very easily be composted (so does its packaging, by the way)!

Wooden hairbrush

Last but not least, we can mention the wooden hairbrush! The latter has both health and environmental benefits. First, metal or plastic nubs usually do more damage to the scalp and damage the skull. Then the wooden hairbrush also makes the hair shinier and removes dirt due to static charge more easily.

In addition, due to the fact that it is not made of plastic or metal, the wooden hairbrush is more environmentally friendly, as it is made with recyclable materials. In addition, wood lasts much longer than plastic, which breaks more easily.


Being more eco-friendly, in the end, is very accessible! So yes, sometimes the items mentioned can be a bit expensive, but, in the long run, it's a necessary investment for everyone! And, to start adopting better habits, these 8 objects to be green on a daily basis will be very useful to you!

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