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7 podcasts to listen to for a more responsible and sustainable society

Image de présentation de l'article 7 podcasts to listen to for a more responsible and sustainable society

Podcasts are a good way to gain knowledge on topics that are not always covered by traditional media. Circular economy, food waste, ecology: we recommend these 7 podcasts to listen to for a more responsible and sustainable society.


Activating the circular economy

Podcast Economie circulaire

Activating the circular economy is the podcast that allows you to learn and document yourself on this vast subject that is the circular economy.

The podcast is hosted by Brieuc Saffré and Justine Laurent, directors of Circulab , which is a strategy and circular design agency.

They meet project leaders, people who develop innovative projects and who reconcile economic development, social inclusion and ecosystem regeneration.



Eco-friendly at work

Podcast Ecolo au boulot

With the podcast Ecolo au boulot, Cassandre Jolie aims to give meaning to work through ecology. She gives us tips on how to implement eco-friendly practices at work. She explains how to plant trees from your office, how to resist raising the heating temperature, etc.

These small actions allow everyone to act at their own level, for visible changes on a daily basis in favor of ecology.

POSITIVE IMPACT – solutions exist

Podcast Impact Positif

It is the platformthat brings together those who have a positive impact on society and the world. Positive impact gives a voice to those who embody change. Entrepreneurs, associations, citizens, large groups and students share their projects. They look back at the genesis of the project, what it is today, the solutions they propose, the difficulties encountered...

The podcast covers a variety of topics such as climate change, social inequality, social media, and more.




Podcasts VRAC !

Audrey Vuétaz interviews each episode of VRAC!, an actor/actress of zero waste, ecology, commitment. They each share their practical tips and advice to change the world at their own level. It's exciting, but above all it's particularly informative.

Experts or amateurs, they delve deeper into topics such as reyclage in fast food, low impact, engagement, etc.

The episodes are inspiring and guilt-free. We realize that we may have encountered the same problems as these enterprising people in their efforts. Our only regret? It's that the episodes are too short!


Tomorrow & Sustainable

podcast Demain & Durable

How can we reduce the carbon impact of a consumer society? How to get started in social and responsible entrepreneurship? Tomorrow and Sustainable deals with the initiatives of entrepreneurs who have decided to rethink the world. Each episode looks back at the journey of these men and women who embarked on the adventure. They share their advice on how to act tomorrow and become agents of change.





RSPCT is the Belgian podcast that promotes positive actions and introduces you twice a month to a person whose action has a positive influence on society.

Then, their site has a blog that brings together all the influencers' interviews, with their history and development, inspirational quotes, and even reading tips! It doesn't matter what the person's field of action or area of expertise is, what matters is that they have decided to move!





Magic Makers is an authentic and free conversation with someone who is passionate and committed to building a more harmonious and inclusive society. Every 15 days, Amandine Englebert welcomes a person who works for a fairer society and who contributes to raising awareness.

To listen to Magic Makers is to let yourself be inspired, to accept to look at yourself and others in a different way, to forge links between people, ideas and worlds so that the desire takes precedence over the fear of commitment.




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