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6 reasons to join a start-up

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Are you hesitating between a large group and a start-up? As a reminder, a start-up is a young company that carries out an innovative project. The main component of the start-up spirit is this common drive for growth that is led by the founders. They arouse the curiosity of young professionals with their working methods and their promises of freedom. That's why today we're looking at the different reasons to join a start-up.


Choosing the right start-up

First of all, we can ask ourselves how to choose the right start-up in which we are going to evolve? How can you, as a young graduate or employee in retraining, choose the start-up that suits you best?

Start by choosing the team you want to work with. You need to share the founders' vision, inspire you with the way they drive their ambitions and manage risk. Then, choose the position that suits you according to your sensitivity: operational, technical, etc. Finally, find the area that best suits you and in which it is active.

To avoid falling into a start-up with questionable practices, you can check out the account Balance Ta Start-Up , which regularly shares the testimonials of people who have had a bad experience in a start-up.



When you join a start-up, you are participating in an entrepreneurial and human project that you are passionate about. You will be very personally involved but you will find what you are looking for with the satisfaction of working for a project that drives you.

The fact that your work has a direct influence on the success of the project will make you more involved in contributing to the success of the company. It is by putting energy into it voluntarily that we flourish as a start-up.


Hierarchical proximity to the founders

This proximity is all the more true when the start-up is small. There is a very strong presence of the founders. They instill this willingness to grow and take risks in all employees.

Management is horizontal and participatory, which leads to regular contact with managers.


The working atmosphere

One of the reasons to join a start-up is often the relaxed working atmosphere. It is true that in terms of dress codes or language, there are fewer constraints. This freedom fosters exchanges and cohesion in the team. However, as in every company, there are important issues that require serious work, with a sustained pace of work.  



Exit the routine, because of its size, you may have to perform tasks in different areas.

Evolving as a start-up requires a certain ability to adapt, but not only. Working in a start-up means juggling between these three other notions: creativity, autonomy and collective intelligence.

By joining a start-up, you will be able to directly implement your skills and measure the impact of your work. It is also an opportunity to learn and develop your skills quickly. You will also have the opportunity to take up a position of responsibility more quickly than if you had gone through a traditional company.


Results are a priority

This habit of taking risks is a condition of the start-up. We try new things to learn, even if it means making a complete mistake.

It's related to the fact that there are few people to do a lot of things, even if you're a junior, you can have quite important responsibilities.

These responsibilities lead to making mistakes that are not necessarily seen as something bad in themselves, unless they are repeated. They will be forgiven if you are proactive in reacting quickly to correct them.


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