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6 Free Apps to Eat Better and Healthy

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Healthier shopping, eating better, being environmentally friendly: these are daily worries for many people. How can we eat better, healthier, while helping sustainable development? Nothing could be simpler with these 6 free apps to eat better and healthier, all available on the App Store and Google Play.

There are also other things you can do to make a sustainable diet!

1. Yuka

Yuka, an application preceded by its reputation, evaluates for you the Nutri-Score of the food you intend to buy. All you have to do is scan the barcode of the item you are interested in and Yuka puts a score out of 100: if the product has a high score, it is in the right one and you can buy it!

But if, on the other hand, the product has a low score, it's better to put it back where you found it. Several points are examined by the application: proteins, additives, sugar content, calories, fiber, fat, etc. In short, Yuka is an app that you need to have to pay attention to your diet and to consume products that are good for your health!

2. Seasonal fruits and vegetables

As the title suggests, Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables is an app that allows you to know the calendar of fruits and vegetables. In addition to pushing you to eat the famous 5 fruits and vegetables a day, the app gives you the opportunity to consume food at the right time, in order to promote local consumption and not buy fruits/vegetables out of season. And that's good news for the environment, because it promotes local and natural agriculture, instead of the polluting import of fruits and vegetables from other countries/continents.

3. Labeltable

1st collaborative sustainable kitchen application, Etiquettable is multifunctional. What does that mean?  She has a lot of qualities, in several areas.

Firstly, like the app above, it shows you which fruits and vegetables are in season, but also which fish species are endangered.

In addition, it gives you tips on how to cook while limiting its impact on the planet, so that you can use all your food without throwing anything away, in order to avoid food waste.

In addition, you can find recipe ideas on the app, calculated according to their social/environmental/nutritional/economic impact, as well as information on agriculture, organic, sustainable food, etc.

4. BuyOrNot

BuyOrNot is an application that uses the OpenFoodFacts database (like Yuka), in order to evaluate whether or not products are good for your health. Thanks to the Nutri-Score given to you by the app, you can choose the best product for your health and the environment. But that's not all!

The app also gives you access to information about the parent company, the manufacturing process and the degree of food processing. In short, when you scan the barcode, you can tell if the product comes from an eco-responsible, sustainable company, if it is natural or if it is modified, or if it comes from a polluting company that does not pay attention to its impact on health and/or ecology.

This makes it very easy to shop ethically and responsibly, taking care of your health and the planet!

5. Too Good To Go

It's impossible to choose to consume ethically and better without using Too Good To Go ! It is an application that helps fight against food waste. In fact, on average, one-third of the food produced in the world is thrown away. All in all, a real mess. But that's where Too Good to Go comes in. Thanks to the app, you can order unsold meals from employees (cafes, restaurants, bakeries, etc.) and pick them up directly. So, you've bought a meal by helping the planet.

Would you like to participate in this project and have a lasting impact? Too Good To Go is looking for new talent!

6. Magic Fridge

Instead of ordering from UberEats or going to fast food, download the Fridge Magic app. What for? Because it allows you to cook with the food you have at home.

We've all been there: there's nothing to cook, you have no idea what you can make to eat with what you have at home. But Frigo Magic does. Just enter the foods you own into the app, and then you'll have recipe ideas with said foods. This way, no more waste and no more temptation to pollute and unhealthy alternatives. There's no need to go frozen or ready-made: here, you cook with the ingredients you have. Ethical, ecological, sustainable and healthy solution for your health. Isn't life beautiful?


Of course, there are still many other apps out there, but these 6 free apps to eat better and healthy are a good start! Having good health is essential, as well as doing your best for sustainable development. And all of this requires a good diet.

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