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6 eco-friendly brands for more ethical fashion

Image de présentation de l'article 6 eco-friendly brands for more ethical fashion

Changing your consumption patterns often brings with it its share of questions. This is especially true when it comes to dressing. However, there are eco-responsible brands that are determined to limit their negative impact on people and the environment. In this article, we introduce you to six of them.


The Noyoco brand focuses on creations with a refined style and eco-friendly materials. Since 2017, it has been part of an up-cycling approach by taking back textiles in surplus or at the end of stocks. These materials represent 50 to 70% of their clothing. The other materials, chosen for their low impact on the environment and their bio-degradable fibres, are mainly produced in Italy or Portugal. Noyoco recently joined the " Climate Mode" movement. It is a collective of 300 companies aiming to change laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the fashion industry.

Brava Fabrics

From the design of the garments in Spanish and Portuguese workshops to the packaging, the Brava Fabrics brand follows the path of "fair fashion". Their collections are made of organic cotton, recycled wool and polyester, and Ecovero viscose, an eco-friendly artificial textile. And while the brand pays great attention to the sustainable aspect of its clothes, it does not forget to create neat designs.

Andora Paris

Bright colours and stripping patterns are the hallmark of Andore Paris. The brand, created in 2019, used fully recycled fibers for its first sweater collection. Their cashmere feel can be explained by the fact that the pieces are made in an Italian factory, used to working with knitwear. In this way, quality does not contradict durability. In short, an Andore sweater means 60% less electricity and water, 30% less chemicals and 75% less CO2.

Thinking MU

Thinking MU is a Spanish brand committed to well-made clothing. This commitment is evident in the choice of textiles such as recycled sustainable cotton, biosynthetics and organic hemp. The company is also behind a zero-waste collection called "Trash". "Trash" is made entirely of clothes made from old pieces recovered and then transformed into yarn. The brand doesn't stop there since each of their clothes is equipped with a label with a QR code that details its environmental and social impact once scanned. Finally, all collections are fair trade certified.

Nudie Jeans

Jeans made from 100% organic cotton, worn until worn and mended, without additional treatments or washes: this is the vision advocated by Nudie Jeans. And that's what makes it the benchmark for eco-friendly jeans. The brand is also committed to the circular economy by offering free repairs and reusing used denim as second-hand jeans or fabric for new products. Eco-responsibility can also be seen in the choice of suppliers. In collaboration with the Fair Wear Foundation, the company ensures that working conditions are safe and ethical throughout the production chain.


Made to last and designed for everyday life, Sandqvist bags are as functional as they are durable. The brand is aware of the fashion industry's impact on the environment and focuses on four issues: carbon footprint, chemicals, biodiversity and water. Sandqvist also wants to be transparent about working conditions in factories, material suppliers, tanneries and modes of transport. All this to produce quality bags, inspired by Scandinavian fashion!

Switching to slow fashion doesn't have to be a headache. By buying from these eco-responsible brands, the consumer is making a gesture for the planet that he is not ready to regret!

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