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5 tips for working in sustainable development and CSR!

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Are you aware of new environmental issues and want to have a positive impact on the world? Do you want to move towards jobs of the future? We give you 5 tips for working in sustainable development and CSR.


1- Specialize

If you're thinking of becoming a CSR or sustainability generalist, it's not the best thing to do. According to Caroline Renoux, author of the book "How to make a career in CSR and sustainable development" and founder of the recruitment firm Birdeo, "generalists are unlikely to seduce recruiters. They much prefer specialists."

First, choose a job or industry that interests you. Then, you can select the positions that integrate sustainability into that job or industry. By combining a business skill with a CSR skill, for example, you can find jobs such as:

  • Responsible Purchasing Manager
  • Sustainable Development Communication Officer
  • Green Marketing Project Manager
  • Renewable Energy Engineer


2- Take a training course

There are many degree courses , such as bachelor's degrees, master's degrees specialized in biodiversity, renewable energies, eco-innovation, environmental law, etc.

There are also professional training courses leading to certification in CSR or sustainable development, of varying lengths. You will acquire the basics to be able to apply for positions that will link your business experience and sustainable development. There are many courses available, including MOOCs to be followed directly on the internet. Some MOOCs are already specialized in a sector, for example, there is a CSR and agri-food MOOC. 


3- Multiply experiences 

To stand out, you're going to need a resume that's catchy enough for recruiters. All these experiences will allow you to acquire a relevant CV, so that you can apply for the type of position you want.

The goal is to integrate sustainable development experiences and complement them with the skills you have acquired during your studies.

Several possibilities are available to you, if you are a student, you will be able to use your end-of-studies internship or do a work-study program. You can also carry out assignments for associations and volunteer.


4- Entrepreneurship

In addition, you can choose the path of entrepreneurship. There are a large number of incubators in sustainable development with social and environmental support programs. If you want to embark on the adventure, think about networking. You are immersed in a caring environment, where you can exchange with people who tend to the same aspirations as you. This will allow you to get feedback from people who know this sector and to discuss your project in order to make it as relevant as possible.


5- Intrapreneurship

If the position you currently hold suits you, but you want to work in sustainable development, you can use intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneurship is defined as an entrepreneurial approach within an existing company. If you have activities or projects related to sustainable development, don't hesitate to propose them to your management. It is very likely that it will be in favour of it. For example, you can set up an internal innovation structure for sustainable development in the company.


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