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5 reasons to join an eco-responsible company

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If you're tired of your work not being valued and if you get upset every time you see someone throw their cigarette butt on the ground, then eco-responsible companies are for you! Much more than meeting the legal obligations set by CSR, these companies integrate environmental and social impacts into their decisions throughout their processes. The goal: to have a positive impact on our society and our planet! 


It respects the environment

The year 2019 marked a significant turning point in awareness of the climate emergency. Thanks to the mobilisation of young people, climate marches have multiplied in Belgium and around the world.

With this collective awakening, our modes of production and consumption are changing and companies have understood this.

As a result, we have seen the development of many companies that are committed to the environment. Food waste, overconsumption, reduced resources, so many problems they are trying to solve. In this sense, they carry out various actions to reduce their impact.

In concrete terms, an eco-responsible company will:

  • provide products or services that will enable businesses or individuals to reduce their consumption
  • Measure your environmental impact and try to limit it as much as possible.
  • Using clean technologies
  • Manufacturing green products and services


It places people at the heart of its concerns

An eco-responsible company takes the human dimension to heart. By working in a committed company, you will benefit from a pleasant environment with a friendly atmosphere, where the respect and well-being of employees are paramount.

It will not only guarantee good working conditions but also:

  • Actively fighting discrimination
  • Be open to dialogue
  • Promoting the integration of people who are far from employment or with disabilities


It has a strong capacity for innovation

When a company wants to empower its activities, it must develop a strong capacity for innovation and creativity. By integrating environmental and social concerns, the entire product must be rethought. This gives rise to innovations on the product itself (responsible design, packaging), but also to social innovations such as the consideration of new forms of work (teleworking, coworking), a structural change in the company or a new management style.


It has a positive impact on our society

By being part of an eco-responsible company, you will participate in solving existing societal problems. What's more, you will contribute to providing solutions to change mentalities and change morals.

You will become part of a new sustainable economy offering an alternative to the traditional system of overconsumption. Finally, when you see that your work will have a positive impact, you will want to get more involved on a daily basis.


It aligns with your values

What could be better than working in a company that aligns with your values? You will use your skills for a project that is close to your heart. Now that's a good reason to get up in the morning!

You will have the opportunity to work with passionate people who share the same values as you. As a result, you will be able to connect more easily with your colleagues. By carrying out a project that is important to you, you will be able to be proud of your work.


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