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5 good reasons to have a vegetable garden

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Nature and gardening lovers, you should already know the 5 good reasons to have a vegetable garden, but you still have to convince the uninitiated. This article is dedicated to you, to you who are still hesitating! So, why take the plunge and have a vegetable garden?
And after you've planted your seeds, why not plant trees from home?

Eat seasonal foods

First of all, it's a good way to eat seasonal foods! Indeed, since you depend on the weather in your country/region, you will need to plant seeds that can survive depending on the weather. It's a great way to follow the natural cycle of things and have fun according to the seasons (plant and eat strawberries and tomatoes in summer, carrots and beets in winter, etc.). We then start looking forward to the seasons to eat the fruits and vegetables we love!

Don't know the seasons of different fruits and vegetables? This app can help!

Save money

Of course, having a vegetable garden, in the beginning, is a small investment. You need to have the necessary tools to take care of your plants (you have to weed, loosen the ground once bare, invest in a rake, a hook, a weeder...), buy the seeds, etc. But, once you've done all that, in the long run, you'll see that it's worth it! For example, if you buy a whole bag of tomato seeds, you'll get a lot more for less (the bag of seeds will clearly be cheaper than a kilo of tomatoes!) and, over the year, you'll easily save quite a bit of money!

Paying attention to the environment

It's no secret that having a vegetable garden is certainly a gesture that is part of sustainable development. What for? When you plant in your vegetable garden, no polluting resources are needed. No need to buy fruit and vegetables from the supermarket, imported and from countries miles away. Just the fact that you plant your fruits and vegetables according to the seasons is an ecological gesture ! In short, if you want to pay attention to the environment, having your own vegetable garden is a good thing to do.

Take time for yourself

Beyond its more "technical" positive aspects, having a vegetable garden is a passion that will allow you to relax. Firstly, direct contact with nature is a great way to relax. In addition, taking care of your plantations will allow you to forget the stress of work and the digital pollution that affects us every day, to do a manual and demanding activity. It's a well-deserved break from screens and the hectic pace we all follow.

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Eat foods with more taste

Finally, having a vegetable garden and growing your own food means choosing to eat products with more taste! Indeed, food that grows naturally, without chemicals, following the natural cycle of the seasons and that comes directly from the garden (and therefore has not crossed thousands of kilometers)... Believe me, it changes the taste quite a bit! And, once you've tasted it, you won't be able to live without it. Why go to the supermarket to buy when you can grow fruits and vegetables yourself, which will be better for your health (more vitamins because they are harvested directly, no chemicals, etc.) and better for your taste buds?


Here are the 5 good reasons to have a vegetable garden! It's an activity that relaxes you, saves you money and introduces you to natural flavours, all while helping the planet. So, are you convinced?

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