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5 clichés about the senior profile in companies!

Image de présentation de l'article 5 clichés about the senior profile in companies!

A senior profile is quite difficult to characterize in view of the multiple definitions given. If we talk in terms of professional career, we estimate that a senior is a person whose age is between 45-55 years old. A senior is also a person who has a certain number of years of experience in a position or company.

Despite their experience, they struggle to find a job and sometimes face real discrimination when hiring.

This week, Meet My Job dismantles 5 clichés about the senior profile in companies!


1. »A senior costs the company more than a junior«

This sentence is based on the significant difference in salary between the senior profile and the junior profile. However, this claim is partial and misleading.

Indeed, a senior is more greedy in terms of remuneration and benefits than a junior, but this difference is justified by multiple factors. His professional experience, his network and his accumulated skills bring significant added value to the company!

In addition, the senior profile is a real asset because it may be able to supervise junior profiles and train them in various situations!

Finally, and in view of the difficulties for the senior profile to find a new job, it is here to last and stay. The junior profile will be more likely to change companies after a few years.

In the long term, therefore, a senior profile is more profitable than a junior profile.


2. "A senior is resistant to change!"

Admittedly, it is sometimes intimidating for a manager to manage a profile with more professional experience than him. There is always the unfounded fear of a potential generational conflict. This is why managers must have confidence in themselves and in their ability to manage diverse profiles.

In addition, the senior profile is fully capable of respecting the hierarchy and letting themselves be guided by their manager. The senior must integrate the fact that younger people can bring them new skills and a new perspective. There has to be this spirit of sharing between seniors and juniors within the company.

Because what makes a company rich is this intergenerational sharing between the different profiles.


3. "A senior doesn't know how to use new technologies"

Here again, the cliché about the difficulty of adapting seniors to new technologies has a hard life.

In an ever-changing world, new technologies are constantly emerging. If the senior can be left behind by these developments, he can understand the new challenges and uses of technology.

In addition, it is vital for seniors to adapt to the demands of the world of work. In order not to be completely overwhelmed, the senior must therefore inform himself effectively.


4. "A senior is slower and less productive than a junior"

This statement is closely related to the previous one, namely that the senior is often perceived as slower and therefore less productive than a junior.

In reality, seniors tend to take their time and think before acting. This is due to the fact that with his previous professional background, he has acquired a certain wisdom and great maturity. This is why he proceeds with more rigor and caution to avoid encountering problems and succeed in his mission.

However, it is not true that he is less productive than a junior. Indeed, by taking more time, he avoids making mistakes that could be made by a junior who will tend to go headlong.


5. "A senior doesn't belong in a start-up!"

Finally, seniors regularly feel that they are illegitimate to join a start-up in relation to their age.

Indeed, when a start-up advertises a job, it mostly specifies that it is looking for a "young and dynamic" profile. It is this term "youth" that acts as a foil. The senior then thinks that he does not fit the required profile and is not at home in this type of environment. The cult of youthism is unfortunately a real obstacle to the employability of seniors.

Yet, a fast-growing start-up requires a seasoned person with enough experience to achieve the goals. Whether it's for any function, a start-up needs people with experience. A senior profile, with the wisdom and maturity it demonstrates, is a real backbone for a start-up in full swing!


You have seen all the interest and advantages of welcoming a senior profile within your company. It is always interesting to have experienced people by your side who are able to deal with multiple situations. So don't listen to the clichés and welcome a senior into your structure with open arms!


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