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4 tips to go from fast to slow fashion!

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The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Fast fashion corresponds to all those brands that release new products almost every week: Zara, H&M, Mango, Primark, Asos, etc. All these garments are offered at ridiculously low prices, which do not take into account the real cost of the environmental and social impact. But then, how can we dress more responsibly and sustainably? We give you 4 tips to adopt slow fashion!


Slow fashion

What if we slowed down the way we consume? Slow fashion is revisiting the way we consume fashion in favor of better-quality, sustainable and eco-responsible clothing.

It's the opposite of fast fashion, we favor quality over quantity. The cost of a slow fashion garment is justified by the use of more ecological materials, working conditions that respect employees, local production or at least transparent production towards consumers.


Sorting it out

You can start by sorting out your wardrobe. Between the compulsive purchases, the clothes you haven't worn for 3 years and the same t-shirt you took in all colors, it's a lot! As a result, these clothes stay in the back of your closet forever. According to the British consulting agency Wrap, 30% of our wardrobe is almost never worn

Take your courage into your own hands and sort it out, you will surely rediscover forgotten pieces and be able to give them a second life.

Keep only the pieces you've worn during the year. As for the rest, you can donate them to charities, recycle them for other uses or sell them. For the latter option, there are several apps such as Vinted, Vestiaire collective, Leboncoin, etc.


Asking the right questions

In order to adopt good reflexes, at the time of purchase you can follow the BISOU method. It's a mnemonic to remember the 5 questions to ask yourself:

    • What need does this purchase address?
    • Do I need it right away ? Can I wait a few days before deciding?
    • Do I already have something similar in my home, fulfilling the same need?
    • What is the origin of this garment?
    • Will it be useful to me? How could I do without it?

Usually very few parts pass the crash test, you may also wonder:

  • If this garment was 3-4 times more expensive, would I buy it?
  • Is this piece of quality?

This way, your purchase will be more reasoned. It also prevents us from buying because we have a bad day, often we consume to satisfy a need that is perhaps more emotional.


Turn to the second-hand market

Of course, there are second-hand clothes that are trendier than ever. Several systems exist, you can buy clothes individually, in batches or kilos. If you can't find what you're looking for in brick-and-mortar stores, there are plenty of thrift stores online that may be more in line with your style. There are also solidarity shops such as Emmaus, where clothes do not exceed 5 euros on average.

And if not, there are of course second-hand sites like Vinted. With 25 million registered members, you can find everything you're looking for.

Sure, there's a lot of fast fashion clothing out there, but it's always better to reuse them than to throw them away. In general, the prices are very attractive. Here you can also find great deals on top brands.

Another second-hand site you can go to: Vestiaire collective. It has a slightly more upscale positioning. Items are verified and authenticated. You will find more qualitative brands there. It's an opportunity to treat yourself while preserving the planet.


Favours committed brands

If you want to buy new clothes, turn to brands that are committed to an eco-responsible approach. They encourage their consumers to combine fashion with a positive impact on the planet.

There are a multitude of eco-friendly brands, such as Veja, Hoopal, Mud jeans, etc. They offer products from short circuits with high-quality, recycled, organic or vegan raw materials. There is the Clear fashion app that rates brands according to 4 criteria: human, health, animals and environment. All you have to do is scan the garment to see the rating assigned by the app. It references many committed brands, it's an opportunity for you to discover some!

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