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4 reasons to cycle every day

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Riding a bike has (almost) only advantages. Environmentally, economically, practically... It's a good decision for sustainability and for yourself. But still too few people actually get into it, so here are the 4 reasons to cycle every day !

Riding a bike is...

1. Eco-friendly

First, let's talk about the environment! One of the biggest advantages of cycling over cars, motorcycles or public transport is its positive impact on the planet. A daily cycling activity protects us from two types of pollution: air pollution and noise pollution.

Air Pollution

This is because the bicycle emits much less CO² into the air than the car, for example, because it does not require petrol or other external resources that are harmful to the plan. To give an image, car use can account for up to 80% of a country's CO² emissions. The bike, on the other hand, does not emit any CO². In addition, it requires few resources and materials to build, unlike the car.

But what about the e-bike? Well, it too represents an alternative that hardly pollutes and is very practical for more unstable and steep journeys.

Noise pollution

Whether you prefer a traditional bike or an electric bike, in both cases, cycling helps to reduce noise pollution. With no motor, the bike is much quieter than a conventional car. It's much more convenient when you come back at night or leave very early in the morning for work.

In general, cycling is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint on a daily basis!

2. Cost-effective

Secondly, there are the economic benefits of cycling. First of all, it is quite possible to rent bicycles available everywhere in the city. This saves money in the long run and allows the same bike to be reused for several people to make the most of it.

But, if you're more possessive, buying your own bike is also cheaper! Of course, depending on the price, it is still an investment, but, overall, it is very far from the purchase price of a car, not to mention the following: use of petrol, technical maintenance, insurance, parking space, etc.

3. Practice

Then there's the practical side. Of course, the car has its share of advantages too (larger volume therefore better storage capacity, more seats, roof against the rain, etc.). But the bike is undeniably ergonomic!

It is first and foremost a means of rapid transport. Yes, yes, fast. Obviously, if you live 2 hours drive from your job, this is not preferable. But, if you live in the city, close to your job, the bike allows you to access the surrounding places more easily! No more hours in traffic jams and the stress of finding a parking space: a bicycle requires an average of 1 m² of space, compared to 10 m² for a car. And I'm not even talking about folding bikes!

4. Good for your health

Last but not least, we have the positive aspect on health! Cycling is undeniably beneficial for your health, both physically and mentally.

Physical Health

First of all, riding a bike allows you to build muscle – legs, buttocks, abdominals, arms, back... In short, a lot of body parts! It also helps strengthen the immune system and prevent heart disease and diabetes. Finally, like any sport practiced on a daily basis, cycling promotes a restful sleep. And that's essential for well-being.

Mental health

When it comes to mental health, cycling makes you happier! As mentioned above, cycling allows you to avoid the stress of traffic jams and parking. We also avoid noise pollution (which we talked about earlier), which is a burden on the mind.

Then, pedaling to work, to the supermarket, or whatever, is an opportunity to take some time for yourself. During the journey, there is the opportunity to relax and reflect calmly ! This little moment of relaxation and sport can even make you happier when you arrive at work.

Finally, it allows you to enjoy the landscapes! So yes, not all landscapes are equal, but we can never take enough time to enjoy what surrounds us and to put things into perspective in general. This allows us to take the time to think and observe more of what is around us !

In short, cycling is a wise choice for all the reasons mentioned above! Whether for personal reasons (savings and health) or more altruistic reasons (environment), cycling is a very positive activity, for oneself and for others.

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